Social Widgets

The Social Widgets Addon in SiteOrigin Premium adds additional functionality to the Social Media Buttons Widget. These extra settings allow you to take full control over the widget.

View the Social Widgets Addon demo.


To make use of this addon, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets and ensure the SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget is activated. Next, go to SiteOriginPremium Addons and activate the Social Widgets Addon.


The below settings are those added by the SiteOrigin Premium Social Widgets Addon. To view the complete documentation for the Social Media Buttons Widget, please, see the Widgets Bundle documentation page.

The Social Widgets addon allows you to add custom networks to the SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget. The SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget has a fixed list of social networks with a matching icon. If you’ve ever wanted to add a new network, not included in the predefined list, or if you’ve wanted to change a network icon, this addon is perfect for you.

Once you’ve inserted the SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget, click the Add button under the Custom Networks heading. Click the down arrow next to the New Network heading and enter your new network information in the fields provided.

Enter the display name of your network.

Enter the network URL/link.

Choose the icon to be used for your network.

Icon Color
Select the network icon color.

Background Color
Select the container background color.

Background Image
Optionally select a background image.