Custom Post Type Builder

Craft and manage unique post types with seamless Page Builder integration, enabling consistent layouts across your site’s diverse content needs.


To make use of this addon, go to SiteOriginPremium Addons and activate the Custom Post Type Builder.


In the process of explaining how to use the Custom Post Type Builder, we’ll be using the example of a small product catalog without built-in e-commerce functionality. In this example our business owner would like to do the following:

  • List their products using a shop page and individual product pages.
  • Create a single Page Builder layout that can be used for all product pages without having to rebuild the layout for each new product added.
  • Make layout changes to the product page layout and have those changes reflected across the entire product catalog.
  • Add content that repeats on each product page, the content should be editable in one location. An example of this might be a Terms and Conditions block of text on each product page.

The above list can be completed using the Custom Post Type Builder module. Let’s explore how each requirement can be implemented.

Step One:
Adding a new custom post type, building the post type layout using Page Builder, and choosing the post type display settings.
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Step Two:
Find out ways to group your posts (taxonomies) and how to display links to those post groups using the Taxonomies Widget.
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Step Three:
Adding new posts (content) to your post type using the Page Builder layout built-in step one.
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Step Four:
Using the Post Loop Widget and Post Carousel Widget to display the newly created content in your website.
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