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Elevate SiteOrigin forms with a Layout Builder, Autoresponder, Location and Datetime Picker Fields, and Merge Tags for advanced customization and user engagement.

View the Contact Form Addon demo.


To make use of this Addon, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets and ensure the SiteOrigin Contact Form Widget is activated. Next, go to SiteOriginPremium Addons and activate the Contact Form Addon.


Global Settings

To edit the Contact Form global settings, go to SiteOriginPremium Addons, locate the Contact Form Addon, and click the Settings button. There you’ll find the following settings:

Datepicker Min Year
Select the minimum year that can be chosen in the date picker.

Datepicker Max Year
Select the maximum year that can be chosen in the date picker.

Use WordPress Date Format
Optionally enable to use the WordPress date format in the datepicker field. The WordPress date format is selected at SettingsGeneralDate Format.

Widget Settings

The below additional settings are those added by the SiteOrigin Premium Contact Form Addon. To view the complete documentation for the Contact Form Widget, please, see the Widgets Bundle documentation page.


Merge Tag
The Merge Tag field will be added to each form field type. Merge tags can added to the Subject, Success, and Auto Responder messages. Insert your tag name in the field and output the tag by wrapping it in square brackets, for example, in the Your Name field you could add a Merge Tag called name. In the Success Message field you could output the user’s name by inserting [name].

Thanks for contacting us, [name]. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Datetime Picker Field

If you’d like users to select a date, this field is recommended. Initially, the DateTime picker will look like a regular text field; when the user clicks the text field, a calendar will pop up, allowing a date to be selected. Once a date is clicked, the date text is inserted into the form field. Two of these fields could be used for a range, one field for the start date and another for the end date. Booking forms are just one example that comes to mind.

Datetime Options

The following datetime options are provided:

Show Date Picker
Enable to show the date picker.

Calendar Always Visible
Enable to have the calendar always visible. If disabled, the calendar will appear as a popup when clicking in the date field.

Date Picker Label
Enter a label for the field.

First Day of the Week
Select the first day of the week. Choose between Sunday or Monday.

Optionally disable the field for weekends or weekdays.

Disable Dates
Specify specific dates, date ranges, or weekdays to disable. Dates should be of the format YYYYMMDD, e.g., 20160806, and date ranges should be separated by a hyphen, e.g., 20160902-20160918. Weekdays should be the first three letters of the day e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri. Multiple dates, ranges, and days should be separated by a comma e.g., 20160825,20160902-20160918, Sun, Fri.

Show Time Picker
Enable to show the time picker

Time Picker Label
Enter a label for the field.

Prefill Time Picker With Current Time
Enable to prefill the time field with the user’s current time.

Use 24h Format
Enable to use the 24h format for your time picker.

Disabled Times
Specify disabled times. Ranges should be specified with a dash, and multiple ranges should be separated with a comma. E.g. 5:00pm-8:00am,1pm-14:30.

Hide Disabled Times
If enabled, time ranges from the Disabled Times field won’t be displayed.

Location Field

The location field lets users choose a location. A user address field might be a common application of this field.

Location Options

The following location options are provided:

Show Google Map
Clicking on the map will guess the closest address, and the map will try to display the address entered into the text input.

Default location
Choose the Google map default location.

Center on user’s location
The user will be prompted to accept before centering. The Map Default location will be used as a fallback. Requires HTTPS.

Layout Builder

The Layout Builder is a mini-instance of Page Builder. Insert rows, cells, and widgets into your form.

Builder Field

Click the Open Builder button to get started.


Enable the Use autoresponder checkbox to setup your autoresponder.

From Name
The name of the person the automatic response email will come from.

From Email
The email address the automatic response email will come from.

Response Email Subject
The email subject to be used.

Response Email Message
The responder email message body.

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