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SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
A huge collection of widgets for Page Builder or any widgetized area

One Well Built Framework
Unlimited Possibilities

We built every widget in the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle on the same robust framework. This framework ensures a consistent experience across all widgets and allows us to focus on creating useful widgets. The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle will streamline your website creation.

There are lots of widgets.

We're steadily growing the number of widgets available in this single plugin. To keep bloat to a minimum, you can choose which widgets you want to use, and keep the rest disabled.

Flexible widget forms.

With one of the most powerful form creation frameworks available, we were able to build widget forms that are easy to use and incredibly flexible. They're the backbone of what makes each widget so versatile.

They work anywhere.

We obviously focused on creating widgets that work well in Page Builder, but they work in standard WordPress widget areas too. We also try to integrate with other widget based page builder plugins.

Enhanced by SiteOrigin Premium
Start small, then go to the next level with this Premium addon.

Widgets Bundle is free. You can install it on as many sites as you like, without ever having to worry about licenses or renewals. Lifetime updates are included. Widgets Bundle is free, and always will be. So download, share and enjoy.

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