Menu padding in relation to logo

By Lime Lemon, 2 days ago. Last reply by Lime Lemon, 5 minutes ago

Hi I am having a bit of a problem with getting menu text in the right place. What I can see is as follow: xxxxxxxxxxxx Menu Menu Menu Menu xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxLOGOxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx What I want: xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxLOGOxxxx Menu Menu Menu Menu xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx I tried to play around with padding under Appearance>Customise>Theme Design>Menu>Menu Item padding, but its changing the position of the whole thing rather than just the menu tab.

Widget Styles menu won’t load

By callyofficial, 1 hour ago

When I went back to the Visual Editor to edit, the Widget Styles menu on the right wouldn’t load. I just get a moving circle which looks like it’s loading but it doesn’t appear no matter how long I leave it. I tried the SiteOrigin Editor widget instead of the Visual Editor widget and get exactly the same problem, which is the menu to the right won’t load, I just get the animated circular icon which looks like it’s loading but it doesn’t appear.

Vantage theme, membership site, different menus for members only?

By Christene D. Lee Gerardi, 1 year ago. Last reply by Jeff Emalaba, 1 hour ago

I’m working with the Vantage theme, installed/am using eMember for a membership site, would like to have different navigation menus for visitors/non-members and logged-in/members. I found this documentation: but I’m not able to find the corresponding code in the Editor (see step 5 in the above documentation). Am I able to use the code […]

Twitch Icon support in Social Media Widget

By JimboG, 3 hours ago

Hi there, Could I please add a request to have the Twitch icon added to the Social Media Widget. I use the Social Media Widget on all three sites, but the third one is my own personal site and you guessed it, the primary focus is around my Twitch Channel.