Specific Custom CSS for Chosen Custom Font

By oldasdirtuser, 11 hours ago. Last reply by Addo, 32 minutes ago

A small conflict has arisen between a minimizing plugin and my selection of custom font. I am trying to override that through custom css, as per the plugin’s author. Who suggested that I utilize the “!important” in telling my theme and the plugin what I want to do. That makes sense. The font I am […]

Sup-Pages Comment Section

By DispensariesLasVegas, 3 hours ago. Last reply by oldasdirtuser, 56 minutes ago

I’m trying to delete the comment form for all of my subpages on resultsrealty1.com and am unsure how to do so. In the visual pagebuilder section I see the comment section but it doesn’t give me an option to delete it. Is this possible? URL: http://www.resultsrealty1.com

Remove padding from top of page

By vvanhees, 3 hours ago

Hi, I want to remove the padding at the top of each page. In this page specifically http://flowingmotion.ca/test-page/ I’m trying to remove that white space between the slider and the opt-in form. Thanks so much for your help. URL: http://flowingmotion.ca/test-page

header support text

By Patrick, 4 hours ago

Hello, Im trying to reposition the support text. I was able to locate it to the left, however, it is directly behind the title. I need to adjust it to move below the title. How would I change the y position. Thanks!

Page builder custom css

By ChiquiRecetas, 3 days ago. Last reply by ChiquiRecetas, 4 hours ago

Dear SiteOrigin Team By using page builder within a page ‘s title appears with a background ( gray line that want to take ) could tell me how it’s done ? Best regards URL: http://www.chiquirecetas.com/recetas-de-kaisa/

SiteOrigin Slider Multiple Images Not Working

By Todd Sumrall, 5 hours ago

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am using page builder and added the SiteOrigin simple slider to the row area. It will not let me add multiple images. I have tried both background and foreground. Neither will allow me to add more than one image. What am I missing? Thanks

Image size changes in new version of WordPress

By jdgtr7, 6 hours ago

Hi, I am hoping you might be able to help me with something. I am using Vantage Premium for a website. I have some headers for each page that are jpgs placed in the Visual Editor widget. They each have a border top and bottom. These used to be the full width of the site, […]

iPhone & iPad layout doesn’t look right

By Shelley Frisch, 6 hours ago

Hi – I am using the vantage theme premium http://www.dreamingofca.com/Macnician I’m having two issues: 1) The site looks fine on desktop browser 2) The site looks funny and shows some different navigation on an iPhone – mostly in portrait mode. I’m not sure what to do to fix this issue. I am working with a […]

Changing category title color

By Canefire, 6 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 6 hours ago

I have searched the forum without any luck for the custom CSS to change the Category title color in my Focus Themed site. Can someone point me in the right direction please? URL: http://www.craftyhands.net

Button continue reading in French

By Julie Bongas, 5 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 6 hours ago

Hello, I use vantage premium. It’s wonderful, thanks a lot for your creation. I would like to change the text of the “continue readin” button, in order to write it in French. How can I do ? Thanks, Julie URL: http://www.fengshui-et-sens.fr