Side bar moved down

By William-G, 15 hours ago. Last reply by Andrew M, 23 minutes ago
Hello, I use the latest Unwind theme, from the last update I can’t display the sidebar on the left of the shop. The sidebar moved down under the product. But if I try on the right side it work. Will

Mega menu with Vantage

By JaviP, 9 days ago. Last reply by JaviP, 42 minutes ago
Sorry for my language. It’s not my first language and my level is not too high. I just changed my theme from a theme using Artisteer to Vantage. I am really happy with the theme, my knowledge about computing are basic. You did a great job but my question is if you know any mega-menu…

Pagebuilder lost on some pages

By Quique Tortosa, 2 hours ago
Hi, All my website is made using page builder, but for some reason, when I edit some of the pages, now is showing me the html code instead the page builder view. If I change to page builder view, it groups all the content in only one widget “EditorSiteOrigin”, losing all the alignments. Also, in…

Woocommerce Membership Compatibility is broken

By Matt Hsu, 7 hours ago
For years, I”ve used siteorigin for some pages that are membership protected. I just updated siteorigin last week and have discovered that those pages with siteorigin are no longer being protected with woocommerce memberships. If I revert to editor, the membership plugin works. It seems like something happened in the latest update to break that…

Enable Homepage Slider Autoplay

By Cheshiremouse, 6 days ago. Last reply by Cheshiremouse, 12 hours ago
Hi, I haven’t been able to figure out how to enable auto-play for the homepage slider. It looks great, but I have to manually click next the first time for it to start cycling through images/video. Does anyone know the solution for this? I’m pretty new, so very interested in learning how it’s done. Thanks!!

SiteOrigins Features: vertical align icons

By cvol, 5 days ago. Last reply by cvol, 14 hours ago
Hello, I inserted the Features widget on my website In the section “Ich helfe Ihnen bei Ihrem WordPress-Projekt” I aligned the icons to the right. But I want to vertical align them to the top of the text. I searched your forum already and all the css options I found did not work out.…

PageBuilder not opening on my site

By yeacamp, 15 hours ago
Hi, I’ve used PageBuilder on my WordPress site for a couple years now and been happy with it, but the past few days it won’t load. I go to open a page either through being logged in and clicking on Edit Page of the page I am on or finding the page in the dashboard…