No Page Template settings for events created with events manager

By huegelkind, 11 days ago. Last reply by huegelkind, 9 hours ago
Howdy, in the customizer there’s no ‘page template setting’ for event pages created with events manager plugin (there’s no page template settings for pages and posts, too), but I would desperately need this setting to set events to ‘full width, with sidebar’. WordPress version 4.9.4–de_DE Theme SiteOrigin north version 1.4.4 SiteOrigin Page Builder version…

Hero widget show a background video Or background image?

By Tom4Fortis, 8 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 10 hours ago
I’m working on a site and i’m using a Hero with a video background. After doing testing on a mobile device, the Hero uses a background image, which is just fine (as mentioned here My concern is that on some resolutions, the image shows up behind the video, which doesn’t look good at all.…

Duplicated Button in Karma Theme

By Normand Bernier, 11 hours ago
Good day I am using SiteOrigine button Widget with Karma Theme. But each time I am adding a button there is always two button appearing. If I add an Icon inside the Button the problem disapear, Karma Version: 4.8.2 SiteOrigine Version 2.6.3 SiteOrigine Widget Bundle Version 1.11.6 If I use another Theme the button Widget…

Does not load content

By Israel Silva, 12 hours ago
Hi. My entire site is created with the Page Builder by SiteOrigin. It was working properly, but today in the morning I realized that the contents that are in Page Builder by SiteOrigin are not loaded, just load the header and the menus, which are done outside of Page Builder by SiteOrigin. I need help…

So Widget Bundle Error

Hi, we seem to be getting an intermittent error referencing the SO Widget Bundle plugin on our services page. Can anyone point me on how to resolve this without having to deactivate the plugin? Again the error only appears occasionally, which makes it difficult to trouble shoot on the spot. Thank you.

Side bar moved down

By William-G, 1 day ago. Last reply by William-G, 17 hours ago
Hello, I use the latest Unwind theme, from the last update I can’t display the sidebar on the left of the shop. The sidebar moved down under the product. But if I try on the right side it work. Will

Mega menu with Vantage

By JaviP, 10 days ago. Last reply by JaviP, 19 hours ago
Sorry for my language. It’s not my first language and my level is not too high. I just changed my theme from a theme using Artisteer to Vantage. I am really happy with the theme, my knowledge about computing are basic. You did a great job but my question is if you know any mega-menu…

Pagebuilder lost on some pages

By Quique Tortosa, 20 hours ago
Hi, All my website is made using page builder, but for some reason, when I edit some of the pages, now is showing me the html code instead the page builder view. If I change to page builder view, it groups all the content in only one widget “EditorSiteOrigin”, losing all the alignments. Also, in…