woocomerce is not allowing a full width product page

By Umair Ikram, 2 hours ago
hi i am using vantage theme and i used woocommerce as product plugin but it is not allowing me to have a full width page as you can see in the link http://www.fitnesswearfightgear.com/product-category/boxing-accessories/ USC-12BG now i went to customize=>widget=>sidebar and i removed the recent post recent comments etc it shows it is ok but when…

Serious problem with pagebuilder at the moment – who to contact?

By Thomas Pfaff, 23 hours ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 hours ago
At the moment there seems to be a serious issue with pagebuilder. All the pages on my site that use page builder don’t have content but do have various unorganized boxes. See http://sustainabilitymath.org/statistics-materials/ for example. The main blog page is fine. Page builder is up to data and I haven’t made changes to anything on…

Author bio name link displaying nothing found

By The Logo Creative™ ✏, 7 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 hours ago
I have created a new user on the site who will be a contributor on the blog When clicking his name and expecting to see an archive of previous posts written by the author it just shows a nothing found page. This person has not published anything yet just one post drafted is this the…

“Slider Widget” Content Tab missing

By Arnold Agema (Remote Engineer B.V.), 4 days ago. Last reply by Arnold Agema (Remote Engineer B.V.), 9 hours ago
Hello, After moving my website to a new domain we had some struggling with the database. For now everything seems to work again. Only the Slider Widget frome Siteorigin has no content tab in the Frame options… I’ve made a test page : http://www.remoteengineer.eu/en/test/ I did not activate it on the website itself, because thats…

Mobile Theme Activation

By BFPS, 13 hours ago
Hi everyone, Could someone please tell me if there’s a mobile theme that comes with Pitch Premium? If so, how do I enable it? Thanks

Consultant Site Pack import no pages

By Kilburn Abrahams, 1 day ago. Last reply by Kilburn Abrahams, 16 hours ago
Hi Support I am using the latest version of Consultant Site Pack with nginx and WP 4.8.2 AU. The importer completes without no problem, but there are no pages are created/imported so I cannot see the website. Weird, is I tried this a few months ago and all worked fine, but that was with 4.7.5…

PHP 7 compatibility

By David Celestin, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 19 hours ago
Hi, I am using Storefront. I did a test with the Plugin PHP compatibility what was the problem when upgrading to php7 and this is what I’ve got as a result: FILE: /home…/MySite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/base/inc/lib/Less/Parser.php ————————————————————————————————— FOUND 0 ERRORS AND 3 WARNINGS AFFECTING 3 LINES ————————————————————————————————— 93 | WARNING | INI directive ‘mbstring.internal_encoding’ is deprecated since PHP…

Hero Widget – Button Appears But href Not Working

By Ross Kline, 19 hours ago
I’ve entered this into the hero frame’s content: Learn More This creates the button and justifies it to the right, using the theme’s button template. What’s not working is the href function. The button changes color when clicked on, but it does not send me to the “about” page. The same code works perfectly in…

Issue with PageBuilder in Ie

By mmaxson, 21 hours ago
If this page is opened in Chrome or Firefox, everything looks good. However, if it is opened in IE, the display is off (the table of contents is listed first, instead of being on the left side). Illustrations Quotes/Illustrations Module If I open my developer panel (F12) and manually switch the “document mode” (from IE9…