Home Page Header – Not Working

By paulunstech, 3 months ago. Last reply by paulunstech, 11 minutes ago

Hi, Great theme, and I am a paid user – but there seems to be an issue with my site’s homepage header. I’ve created a custom header for internal pages, and I want to recreate the same header (LOGO in MENU) for the home page, but no matter what I try – changing the template, […]

Theme doesn’t have any prebuilt layouts.

By WebShopBCN, 4 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 50 minutes ago

Hi guys I installed the Bella Multipurpose Shop theme for WordPress and I thought you mentioned I could use some the homepages templates used on , specifically for women design. When I’m editing with the Page Builder and click on Pre built, I get the following message: ”Theme doesn’t have any prebuilt layouts. You can […]

background image not resizing on row

By Fredrik Kärrander, 5 days ago. Last reply by Fredrik Kärrander, 1 hour ago

Hi, First of all thank you for a great looking theme, I´m helping a friend with his homepage and i have a problem. I have set the row to fullwidth extended and put a background image on it, then i have two columns and i put text in the left one. I want the background […]

Post Loop Error

By Karim Kharroubi, 11 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 hour ago

I am using the page builder post loop widget to populate my blog page and recently went haywire. It is displaying one post repeatedly down the entire page. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Thank you, Karim URL: http://www.eevosconsulting.com/news/

CSS Editor on localhost

By Richard Sanderson, 8 minutes ago

Hi there, Busy building a site on localhost using xampp. Using Vantage Premium as the theme and working with Page Builder. I have used CSS Editor an on-line site and it worked beautifully but on local it just doesn’t function. I get the custom css page but the “eye” link doesn’t function. Have you got […]

Edit Woocommerce in Vantage

By Jose AMezcua, 6 days ago. Last reply by Jose AMezcua, 3 hours ago

Hello Vantage team, hope everything is great! I come to you in seek of advice regarding the following; I have installed woocommerce on the website: http://spacefood.servicioswebmex.com and I would like to achieve the following appearance for the products page: http://spacefood.servicioswebmex.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/SPACEFOOD-SHOP.pdf note that I have a Blog in the same website: http://spacefood.servicioswebmex.com/casos-de-exito/ and when I add […]

widget in footer stacking order

By Ottawa Signs-design, 1 hour ago

Hello I’ve added 3 widgets to my footer but I want the fourth one to be stacked over or under the third one not beside it. so the footer kind of still with three columns

Masthead not changing

By Laura Fickett, 2 hours ago

Hi there, I just updated my Vantage theme, and I fixed all issues but one. It reverted my masthead image. I can’t seem to change it back, even though I delete the current file and save. It shows the correct image in the customizer, but not on the actual site. Help please! URL: http://ddeventsnwa.com/

Remove Space on Sides of Logo

By Sage Jenson, 6 days ago. Last reply by Sage Jenson, 4 hours ago

I am using Vantage Premium, and I’m trying to make my logo take up the full width of the page (boxed with a background). Right now it is centered, but there are small spaces on either side of the image. I want it to be flush on all sides if possible. Please let me know […]

Adding classes to ‘panel-grid’ div

By Jared Steffen, 2 hours ago

I see that while editing a row I can add classes to a row and a cell but not the parent “panel-grid” div element. The plugin instead appears to create a “panel-row-style” element inside of the “panel-grid” element. What I would like to do instead is just add a class to the “panel-grid” element. Is […]

siteorigin slider now working with new image adds

By carlskeel, 3 hours ago

Yes I have checked folder and image perms. Yes I can load the image into any other regular box. The first 3 original images I added to the home page are still there. If I try to add another image to that siteorigin slider widget on the homepage or the new slider on a new […]

Website erased?

By Mary Butgereit, 5 days ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 6 hours ago

Hello. I’ve been working on a website for several months using Vantage Premium, but when we switched our address from Weebly to WordPress today, everything made using PageBuilder seems as though it were erased. I’ve switched it back to Weebly, but everything is still missing. Is there any way to retrieve the information?? The homepage […]