Retargeting insert Code

By Eric, 2 hours ago. Last reply by Addo, 2 minutes ago

Hi, We are now going to start using retargeting marketing to bring back previous visitors. I suppose to insert the retargeting code string just before on our start page, My I ask were i can find this when switching to “text” mode? Or is their some better way? Eric URL:

widget in the Primary Nav

By lolo143, 13 minutes ago. Last reply by Addo, 8 minutes ago

Hi, I wanted to insert the language translation widget in the Primary Nav, is it possible, Can pls help me with a good language translator plugin. If that is not possible i would prefer to float the translator on top Right side of the page.

Second menu

By Anastasia, 2 hours ago. Last reply by Addo, 14 minutes ago

Hi. I have one problem: I really need second menu, but Vantage theme doesn't support it. The problem of the appearance of the menu has remained: the icons are small, less than its normal size, and I can not align them in the middle or the right side, as the main menu.

Get rid of ” navbg.gif “

By Anders Bergman, 20 days ago. Last reply by Anders Bergman, 42 minutes ago

Hey, I have done the ping.tool speed test and I have a file/image named navbg.gif that is completely corrupting my load speed. Yesterday the page of loading for 12s, of that navbg.gif took an fairly 10s. How do I find this image and get rid of it. It’s not anything I’ve put on the site […]

Responsive layout not responsive on mobile devices

By Morten Koborg, 2 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 52 minutes ago

However you may visit the page that was supposed to be here [/code] For some reason, this mess up the responsive layout on mobile devices, that instead of a responsive page layout shows a fullpage layout. Is there a way to keep the redirect, and show the correct responsive layout on the mobile device.

Mobile Menu

By jpar, 22 hours ago. Last reply by jpar, 1 hour ago

Hi again, I am having an issue with my top menu bar scrolling down when using mobile. You can see the issue here: Any ideas what could be causing such an issue? Thank you, Joe P.S. I am running 2.4.2 URL: