How to change background color in a box

By Passada School of Afro Latin Dance, 5 hours ago. Last reply by Passada School of Afro Latin Dance, 44 minutes ago
Hi Guys, I am trying to change the color background of a box inside a widget. I have been trying to edit the option of the row as well as separately in each box by adjusting design and padding. However it doesn’t work. I then try to use some HTML but without any success. Could…

masonry widget

By Boro Communications Luxembourg, 2 hours ago
Hello, how can we make appear in the Masonry widget a transparent color on the images and text in the passage of the mouse like the Hover Effects ? Thank you for your help Best regard S.

Using a Hyphen in an Accordion Title

By John Osmond, 13 hours ago
I’m trying to create a menu that will function somewhat like a table of contents pointing to panels of an accordion. When I create the accordion (using SO Premium) and select ‘Use Anchor Tags in URL’ then I cannot use a hyphen in the title for any of the accordion panels. The URL becomes url-encoded…

Site Origin Widget Is not responding

By Harshit Jaiswal, 1 day ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 19 hours ago
Since the new site origin widget bundle updated a few days ago i are no longer able to use site origin’s widgets bundle. Whenever we input new information using the editor widget, the text comes out white while editing and when we publish the page whatever was inputted is never saved. I have made sure…

Visual and Text Editor disappear

By How2UseIT, 23 hours ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 21 hours ago
When I go to edit a page as its loading i can see the Visual/Text editor tabs but as the page finishes loading they dissappear. I need to edit some HTML in there…how do I get those back? I have tried disabling pluggins and emptied cache too, still not there. It seems to be a…

SiteOrigin Editor comes up blank

By charles.profusion, 23 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
When I edit a page, the editor comes up blank. I already tried disabling non-SiteOrigin plugins, clearing the cache, changing to another theme, and disabling CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS. Site: WordPress 5.0.3 running Twenty Sixteen theme

Remove space between header and top of page

By Anna K Amendolare, 2 days ago
I promise, I did search of the support threads before starting my own and tried every CSS given. The issue is, it’s an inline element which overrides any custom CSS and that’s what causing this. See gap: See Inspector: When I un-check that height box, it fixes. Where the heck is that inline…