Resaved all pages at once

By Alexander Muzhichkov, 1 day ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 12 hours ago
Hallo, the strange thing happens from today. I use Page builder form SiteOrigin and Polilang from Frédéric Demarle. I have 3 versions of each site with different language each one. Now when I press “Publish” button after any correction, this correction saves also to all versions of site that I have. If I make a…

Vantage Theme Footer Not Showing Up

By Avirup De, 1 day ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 16 hours ago
Hello, I have used Siteorigin Layout widgets in Footer. After that I have copied the footer.php from Parent to Child theme. And now, the footer is not showing up, Appearance – Customise – Widgets is also missing the Footer Option. But in Widgets, the Footer is present along with Sidebar and Matshead Option. Please help

SiteOrigin Post Carousel Infinite Scroll

By ズンテ テェト, 1 day ago
Hello, I’m using this widget in the Sidebar area to show Posts carousel with Taxonomy selected tags. The query showed me 5 posts and it is correct. When I see in the page, the carousel works fine but seem to have infinite scroll to right. After 5 posts, it shows just blank but still able…