wrapping text around a widget

By twobordercollies, 1 day ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 6 hours ago
I have not been able to find a way around this. I would like to insert a Hero photo slide show in my post and have text wrap around it. But I have my text in a post, and it is not possible to insert a widget into a site origin editor post. So my…

Responsive height for Site Origin Hero

By twobordercollies, 5 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
Hello-I need the height of the hero widget to adjust according to the height of the photo shown. I have done two web posts, with exactly the same settings, and only one works. This one works: https://piedmontlifestyle.com/outdoor/the-bears-of-fauquier-county/ This one doesn’t: https://piedmontlifestyle.com/outdoor/obsession-in-the-stream/ Help? Many thanks Pam

Footer widget widths with Corp theme

By Heather, 8 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
Hello, I am using Copr theme, and I have 3 widgets for the footer, but I would like to adjust the widths so that the 3rd (last one) is wider- example: 20% / 30% / 50% I tried some options after browsing the support forum here, but nothing is working. Also, the text content of…

Cannot modify header information

By Hmmm Borg, 4 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
Hello, I am getting the following warning when clicking on Appearance -> Customize; Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already set by (output start at …site-origin-panelstpljs-templates.php:113) in …wp-admincustomize.php on line 126 What is this error and how can I resolve it?

Update page button inaccessible

By lvholmes, 5 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 3 days ago
After random amount of time editing my SiteOrigin page, the right hand column freezes and I am unable to scroll up to the “Update” or “”Preview Changes” buttons. All plugins, WordPress, etc are up to date. I’ve tried in both Chrome and Firefox with same result. I’ve tried saving after every edit, same result. I’ve…

Link not working on masthead logo

By shjuser, 5 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 4 days ago
Hello, My apologies if this has already been discussed, but I can’t seem to find an answer. Can anyone please help me to add a link to the logo in my masthead that links to my website’s home page, which is https://www.shj.co.uk/ I’ve been advised I’m not allowed to download a child theme as this…

Map already exist

By davi clement, 5 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 4 days ago
Installeert SiteOrigin Widgets Bundel Installatiepakket downloaden van http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/so-widgets-bundle.zip… Uitpakken van pakket… De plugin installeren… Doelmap bestaat al. /www/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/ Plugin-installatie mislukt. Ga naar plugin-installer I have bought the adding and now i can’t use any of them? Any tips?