Vantage Premium Update Fails

By nina, 21 hours ago. Last reply by John Aslanian, 36 minutes ago

Hey, i have a problem with the upgrade to the premium version. I already have installed and activated the free version. Now i wanted to enter the Order Number and got the message: I also tried to upload the zip folder, but there also appears following message: Theme is already excisting – installation failed. Please […]

Need Help with Deleting

By Michael, 4 hours ago

I can’t remove the white space above my footer, though I’ve removed all the padding and etc. (I apologize for the several threads on this subject, but I kept forgetting to add URLs and my order number) Mike URL:

Background image on home page only

By Joel Niemeyer, 7 hours ago. Last reply by Joel Niemeyer, 6 hours ago

Hi- First of all, really love the Vantage theme. Nice work! I’ve searched some for an answer for this, and I will play with it some more, but I’ll go ahead and throw this question up here for the moment. Appreciate any answers! I have a site I am working on (very early stages! LOL): […]

How to Add icon to the top menu

By Yair Nisimov, 7 hours ago

Hi I’ve upgraded to the premium version of Vantage and it’s excellent. However I have difficulties adding a custom icons to the right side of the menu, Anyone knows how can I do that? I’m a beginner with php or css but I do know how to program in general, so if it’s an issue […]

Transparents menu

By Pure Meditech, 6 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 9 hours ago

Hi. I would like to make my menu transparent, but I’m not quite sure where should I put the coding given (from the other thread). And in which .php file should it be? Thank you

sub menu issues

By Pure Meditech, 3 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 9 hours ago

Hi! I have a problem with my sub-menus. The sub-menus don’t even show on home page. Is it because of the meta-slider? At other pages, the sub-menus can be seen but they disappear too soon that I can’t even go and click on it. Thank you in advance! URL:

Vantage custom menu CSS

By Blom90, 3 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 9 hours ago

Hi I would like to know if there is a way to change the styling for a certain menu, I use the free version of Vantage and I use Custom CSS under Appearance to change several items on the website. I have more than two custom menus and would like to change the styling of […]

Sub-menu hover width

By DK, 2 days ago. Last reply by Addo, 9 hours ago

Hi, love the theme! I’m stumped, can’t seem to adjust the second level menu width when hovering over the main menu. I want the sub-menu width to be same as the main menu width. Currently on my site the sub-menu width is much wider when hovering. Any custom css would be much appreciated! Cheers, Daniel […]

Vantage 2.3.3 Page Builder

By Joe Napolitani, 10 hours ago

I am using Vantage 2.3.3, I installed the page builder and it does not show up in post or pages. I have been using this theme for over a year, the new updates are not working well, can I use the older version of this theme? Can you help?

Vantage 2.3.3 Custom Home Page

By Joe Napolitani, 10 hours ago

I am using the Vantage theme, when I turn on the custom home page under the theme setting. It does nothing but try and load up. How do I solve this problem? I am using a under construction plug in so I can not give you a url to check it out. I also deactivated […]

padding-top problem

By sdesign, 12 hours ago

Hello I would like to change the padding-top to my header widget, but i dont find “” file. Can you tell my where i can get it? Thank you URL: