How to remove featured images from posts?

By Mandy Steenbergen, 12 hours ago
Hi, I’m struggling with how to hide featured images in the content of posts, while still showing them on the blog page. Plugins like ‘Hide featured image’ do not work unfortunately. What is the best alternative way for hiding features images within certain posts? Thanks in advance! Mandy

I cannot see the details on a page to edit

By sylviasiteO, 1 month ago. Last reply by sylviasiteO, 12 hours ago
I have been unable to edit one of my pages for over a week. For some reason, the screen to edit it is not there/is not showing. The other pages are ok. The front end is visible. I was able to edit the page, briefly, for a short time, then it disappeared and did not…

Contact Form Widget & HTML

By, 15 hours ago
Hi guys, Love the widgets but i’m stuck on using the contact form. I would like to have a check box at the bottom of the form to confirm that users have read the site terms & conditions. I don’t seem to be able to use HTML in the check box description despite indications on…

Update Plugin caused my site to crash

By, 16 hours ago
I updated my Page Builder plugin yesterday and it has crashed my website. I can’t get in at all. Fatal error: Class ‘SiteOrigin_Panels_Settings’ not found in /var/sites/l/ on line 43 Can you tell me which directory to delete and whether there is anything else that I should do? I don’t know what version it was…

Logo + Site Title

By AVWebmaster, 1 day ago
Can these 2 go on together in Vantage theme? I did find a thread posted 3 years ago that said that was not doable without CSS and I did not find anything in customization. Surely that has been added somewhere since then, right? How is it done? Thanks

2 issues after updating the plugin

By speankh, 10 days ago. Last reply by speankh, 1 day ago
Hi there, thanks for such a great plugin. It has been working perfectly but suddenly two problems came up after updating the plugin a few weeks ago. https://spean-kh.com1. width on PC is too wide to see some things (smart sliders work well but contact form 7 and icons are not displayed correctly) while it works…

Same page builder widget on multiple pages

By Sally Pilkington, 1 day ago
Is there an easy way of displaying a widget with specific content on multiple pages, so I don’t have to update the widget on each page when the content changes, but rather just update it in one place so it updates all instances of the widget? I guess it’s more like the traditional way of…

Corp Search remove

By Karl J. Wargan, 12 days ago. Last reply by Karl J. Wargan, 1 day ago
Hello, by the wonderfull Theme “Corp” I removed the Search Option like: Appearance > Theme Settings > Navigation: Search in Menu. But in SEORCH I have “”h3 type and press enter to search”.” The Source-code show me How can I remove this please? Sincerely KArl

Deleting a page’s pre-loaded theme

By kksimpson06, 1 day ago
Hi, I am currently on I am using the ‘Luxury’ theme made by ‘organic themes’. I am wanting to custom make a few pages of the website using Site Origin builder. However, when I try to adjust the pages, the ‘Luxury’ template’s pre-loaded theme keeps appearing and I can’t get rid of it. Is…