The Hero addon in SiteOrigin Premium adds additional functionality and style settings to the Hero widget which is part of the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. These extra settings allow you to take full control over the widget.

The below settings are those added by the SiteOrigin Premium Hero addon. To view the complete documentation for the Hero widget, please, see the Widgets Bundle documentation page.

The following additional settings will be added to the Hero widget when you activate the Hero addon:

Hero Frames

Content Animation

The content animation section is available within each frame added to the widget. You can choose different content animation settings for each frame. View the Hero addon demo.

Choose from a long list of animation types such as bounce, flash, pulse and many more.

Animation event
Select the event to animate. Choose between Element enters screen, Element in screen, Page load, On hover and Frame display.

Screen offset
Distance, in pixels, the content must be above the bottom of the screen before animating in.

Animation speed
Time, in seconds, that the incoming animation lasts.

Hide before animation
Enable to hide the element before animating.

Animation delay
Time, in seconds, after the event to start the animation.