The Blog Addon in SiteOrigin Premium provides additional functionality and style settings for the SiteOrigin Blog Widget.


To use this addon, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets and ensure the SiteOrigin Blog Widget is activated. Next, activate the Blog Addon by going to SiteOriginPremium Addons.


The below settings are those added by the SiteOrigin Premium Blog Addon. To view the complete documentation for the Blog Widget, please, see the Widgets Bundle documentation page.


Featured Image Fallback
Enable to use the first post image as the featured image.

Excerpt Trim Indicator
Customize the excerpt trim indicator. Defaults to ... This setting will be displayed if Post ContentPost Excerpt is selected.

Post Read More Link Text
Adjust the Post Excerpt or the Full Post Content read more text. Defaults to “Continue reading.”

Post Date Format
Select the post meta date format. Choose between:

  • WordPress Default
  • yyyy-mm-dd
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • dd/mm/yyyy

Select a pagination style. Choose between:

  • Standard
  • Previous – Next
  • Load More
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Disabled

Pagination Page Reload
Select the pagination page reload style. Choose between:

  • Standard
  • Ajax

Pagination Page Reload will only be displayed for the Standard and Previous – Next Pagination options. Load More and Infinite Scrolling are only available with Ajax page reloading.