About SiteOrigin

Hey there! My name is Greg Priday. I’m the guy behind SiteOrigin and I just so happen to enjoy making WordPress themes. I’ve published a few nifty plugins too.

I’ve been dreaming in code since the tender age of 13 – when I started making a few little games that I gave to my friends. I was always more interested in making games, than playing them. My addiction to creation lead me to study Computer Engineering at the remarkable University of Cape Town. In my first year I started my first successful internet venture – a freeware games site – which I worked on between classes until I graduated in 2006. I’ve been a proud Internet entrepreneur ever since.

I’ve always believed that free is the future. With SiteOrigin I’d like to break the perception that free means junk. I put a lot of effort into crafting code that is secure, reliable and most of all – useful. All my themes and plugins are and always will be free. To make sure I can continue developing themes, all our themes will have premium upgrades that add a few bonus features.

In case you’re interested, I’m based out of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s all the way at the bottom of Africa. It’s an awesome place – the people are friendly, the summers are warm ‘n beachy and the winters have that perfect snuggle chill.

Well, that’s just about enough about me and SiteOrigin. I’d love to help you create your own home on the web.