Page Settings

The Page Settings meta box is located in the right column when editing a post or page. Page settings are an improvement on page templates and allow for more granular control over the page layout. Before using Page Settings, for the best results, first, locate the Page Attributes meta box in the right column and set the Template drop-down menu to Default Template. The available page settings are as follows:

Page Layout:

Default: Displays the page title, content area and sidebar.
No Sidebar: Displays the page title and content area without the sidebar.
Full Width: Displays the content area without the sidebar at full-screen width.
Full Width, With Sidebar: Displays the content area with the sidebar at full-screen width.

Display the featured image at the top of the page, below the page title. The Featured Image meta box can be located further down the page right column.

Page Title:

Display the page title.

Masthead Bottom Margin:

Include the margin below the masthead (header) of your site. If you’ve already disabled the page title and have a slider or banner at the top of your page then this setting is perfect to make it flush with the menu.

Include the margin above the footer. If you have a banner or slideshow at the bottom of your page then this setting is perfect to make it flush with the footer.

Hide Masthead:

Hide the masthead (header). Perfect for landing pages or one-page websites.

Hide the footer widgets and footer widget area.

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