Mobile Menu
Use a special responsive menu for small screen devices.

Mobile Menu Collapse
The pixel resolution when the menu collapses into a mobile navigation menu. For the moment, this setting doesn’t have an appropriate bottom limit. We suggest not using a value lower than 480.

Mobile Menu Text
The button text used for the responsive menu.

Mobile Menu Search
Enable search in the responsive menu.

Sticky Menu
Sticks the menu to the top of the screen when a user scrolls down.

Search in Menu
Display a search in the main menu.

Display Scroll To Top
Display a scroll-to-top button when a user scrolls down.

Post Navigation
Display next/previous post navigation.

Home Page Icon
Display home icon for home page menu links.

Mobile Navigation
Enables Sticky Menu and Scroll To Top for mobile devices.

Display breadcrumbs if you have Yoast SEO or Breadcrumb NavXT installed. This setting will only be visible if the Yoast Breadcrumbs setting or Breadcrumb NavXT plugin is activated.

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