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Page Templates and Settings

Page Templates, Page Settings, and Page Template Settings offer various ways to change page and post layouts. The similarity of these terms is at first, a little confusing; let’s get an overview of what they each do.

Page Templates

The Template drop-down menu can be found when editing any page. It’s contained in the Page Attributes meta box. If you’ve used other themes in the past, it’s most likely a page layout setting you’re familiar with.

Page Settings

Page Settings have their own meta box and can be found further down the right column when editing any page. They’re a new addition to Vantage and allow for specific page elements to be controlled. To use the newer Page Settings, the Template drop-down menu must be on Default.

Page Template Settings

Located at in the WordPress Customizer (AppearanceCustomize), the Page Template Settings section allows you to control the layout of the following pages:

  • All archive pages, including yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, author, category and custom taxonomy archives

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