Image Widget

To add the Image Widget to your sidebar, footer and/or header, navigate to AppearanceWidgets. Drag and drop the widget to the required position.


You can also use the Image Widget with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder Plugin when creating a page or blog post. To add a widget to Page Builder click on the “+” icon.

BW 5a

Once you have found the Image widget click on it to add it.


The widget settings window should open automatically. If it does not click on the “Edit” link to open it.


Here you can select your image from your media library or upload one from your computer. Once you have finished editing the image click “Done”. Lets run through the additional customisations.


In the edit window you can set the image URL, Title Text and Alternate Text.


There are several image sizes to choose from. A comparison of large, medium and thumbnail are shown below.