Post Carousel Widget

Installation and Activation

Make sure you have installed the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and that the Post Carousel Widget is activated in the the Widgets Bundle interface under PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets. For more information see our Getting Started guide.

Adding a Post Carousel to a Page or Post

Navigate to the page or post on which you wish to display a Post Carousel, click the desired row and cell and click “Add Widget” to open the “Add New Widget” dialogue.

PC 101

PC 102

Click on the SiteOrigin Post Carousel widget to insert it into the chosen row and cell. Hover over the widget to display further options namely edit, duplicate and delete.

PC 104

Creating or Editing a Post Carousel

To create or edit a post carousel, hover over the widget and click on the “Edit” button. The SiteOrigin Post Carousel edit dialogue will appear.

PC 105

Post Carousel Title

Type the post title into the Title field provided.

PC 106

Build Post Query

Click on the “Build Post Query” button to launch the Build Post Query dialogue window.

PC 107

PC 108Post Type

Here you select the post type from which you wish to choose content to populate your post carousel. By default “All” will be selected.

PC 109

Post In

Here is where you will enter the Post, Page or Media ID’s you wish to include in your post carousel. If you do not know the ID’s you can click on the “Select Posts” button to open the Select Posts dialogue and search for the posts you require from the Post Type specified above.

PC 110

PC 111

Click in the Add Post search field and begin typing the name of the post you wish to add. When the post title appears click on it to add it to your post carousel.

PC 112

To change the order of the posts click, hold and drag it to its new location. To delete a post from your carousel, select it and click on the X in the top right hand corner

PC 114

Once you have finished selecting posts, click “Finish Selection”.


Here is where you specify any custom taxonomies.

PC 115

Order By

Click on the drop down menu to specify how to order posts within the post carousel. The default order is “By Include Order” meaning as they were added when they were selected.

PC 116

Click on the round arrow icon to specify descending or ascending.

PC 117

Posts Per Page

Set the number of selected posts you wish to display in the post carousel by adjusting the value in the Posts Per Page field. Leaving the Posts Per Page field set to Zero will display all the selected posts.

PC 118

Save Query and Preview.

Once you have complete Building the Post Query click “Save Query”. Click “Preview” to view your post before publishing.

PC 119

When you are finished, update or publish your page or post. Click view page to see the live result.

PC 120