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Lottie Player

Bring your content to life using interactive Lottie animations with personalized settings and links. Find out more about Lottie animations on the Lottie Files website.


To make use of this widget, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets to activate the SiteOrigin Lottie Player Widget.

The Lottie Player Widget is ready to be used anywhere:

Page Builder: Insert widgets in Page Builder by SiteOrigin in either the Classic Editor or Page Builder Layout Block in the Block Editor.
Block Editor: 100% Block Editor compatible. Insert widgets using the SiteOrigin Widgets Block featuring a live widget search form.
Theme and Plugin Widget Areas: Insert widgets into any theme or plugin widget area.


Lottie File
Upload or select your Lottie JSON file.

Enable to autoplay the the animation.

Enable to display the player’s controls.

Enable to loop the animation.

Destination URL
Enter a destination URL to link your animation.

Open in a new window
Enable to open the destination URL in a new window.

The following additional settings are available as part of the SiteOrigin Premium Lottie Player Addon.

Number of times to loop the animation.

Direction of the animation.

Play the animation on hover.

The animation speed. 1 is 100%, 0 is 0%.

Animation Mode
The animation mode to use. Choose from Normal, Bounce, Scroll, Cursor Position, Click, Toggle, Hold, and Toggle Hold.

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