Taxonomy Widget

To use the Taxonomy widget, ensure it’s enabled in the Widgets Bundle dashboard at PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets. The Taxonomy widget can be inserted into any theme widget area at AppearanceWidgets or any page or post using Page Builder.

A taxonomy is a way to group things together. The taxonomy widget allows you to display those groupings in a variety of formats (links, buttons or text). For example, if editing a post and using Page Builder, a taxonomy widget could display the categories or tags or post format associated with that post. The taxonomy widget is especially useful when working with the Custom Post Type Builder addon in SiteOrigin Premium.

Once the Taxonomy widget has been inserted into your theme widget area or page/post using Page Builder, hover over it and click the Edit link to begin. You’ll find the following fields available:

Optionally enter a widget title.

Select the taxonomy you’d like to display. The taxonomy should be available to the post you’ve inserted the widget into. For example, if the widget is inserted into a post, you could select categories, tags or the post format. However, if you had WooCommerce installed and selected product tags from the drop-down list, nothing would display as product tags aren’t available in a post. Put another way, all taxonomies in your WordPress installation will be available for selection in the drop-down list. However, only the taxonomies available to the post you’re editing will display when selected.

Display as
Select whether to display the taxonomy terms as links, buttons or text.

Select the color to be used for the taxonomy terms.

Hover color
Select the hover color to be used for the taxonomy terms.

Open in a new window
Enable to open linked terms in a new window.