Call To Action Widget

The SiteOrigin Call To Action Widget features a title, subtitle, and button. Quickly deploy your call to action and get visitors moving in the right direction. The widget features a wide array of styling options.


To make use of this widget, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets to activate the SiteOrigin Call To Action Widget.

The Call To Action is ready to be used anywhere:

Page Builder: Insert widgets in Page Builder by SiteOrigin in either the Classic Editor or Page Builder Layout Block in the Block Editor.
Block Editor: 100% Block Editor compatible. Insert widgets using the SiteOrigin Widgets Block featuring a live widget search form.
Theme and Plugin Widget Areas: Insert widgets into any theme or plugin widget area.


Insert a title for the call to action.

Insert a subtitle for the call to action.

Next, you’ll see two main sections, each contains a list of settings and sub-sections:

  • Design
  • Button


Background Color
Select a background color for the call to action.

Border Color
Select a border color for the call to action.

Title Color
Select the call to action title color.

Subtitle Color
Select the call to action subtitle color.

Button Align
The call to action includes a button; choose to align the button right or left.


Button Text
Enter the call to action buton text.

Destination URL
Enter the button destination URL/link. You can also use the Select Content button on the right to select existing content in your WordPress installation.

Open in a New Window
Enable to open the button link in a new window.

Initiate a file download. The Destination URL will be downloaded when a user clicks on the button.


Optionally insert a button icon.

Use the Choose Icon button to select an icon from one of the icon libraries available. Once an icon is selected, you can click it again to deselect it.

Icon Color
Select the icon color.

Image Icon
Use the Choose Media button to select a custom icon from your media library or use the Image Search button to search for images on Pixabay.

Icon Placement
Choose between top, right, bottom, or left.

Design and Layout

Design and layout settings for the call to action button.

Enter a width for the button or leave it blank to resize according to the content.

Mobile Align
Choose between Left, Right, Center, or Justify.

Button Theme
Select the button design theme, choose between Atom (rounded), Flat, or Wire.

Button Color
Select the button background color.

Text Color
Select the button text color.

Use Hover Effects
Enable to use hover effects.

Hover Background Color
Select the button hover background color.

Hover Text Color
Select the button hover text color.

Select the button font family.

Font Size
Set the button font size. Choose between Normal, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

Set the button corner rounding—defaults to Slightly rounded. Choose between None, Slightly rounded, Very rounded, or Completely rounded.

Padding is the distance between the text and the edge of the button—defaults to Medium. Choose between Low, Medium, High, or Very High.

Other Attributes and SEO

This section controls the call to action button’s other attributes and SEO. Optional fields that some users will find helpful.

Button ID
An ID attribute allows you to target this button in JavaScript.

Button Classes
Additional CSS classes added to the button link.

Title Attribute
Adds a title attribute to the button link.

Run this JavaScript when the button is clicked—ideal for tracking.

Rel Attribute
Adds a rel attribute to the button link.

Custom CSS Customizations

CSS rules can be inserted at AppearanceCustom CSS if you’re using SiteOrigin CSS or CustomizeAdditional CSS.

Collapse the Button Below the Headline and Subtitle on Mobile

@media (max-width: 768px) {
	.so-widget-sow-button {
		float: none !important;
		text-align: center;