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Feature testimonials from satisfied customers with tailored layouts, images, text, colors, and mobile compatibility.


To make use of this widget, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets to activate the SiteOrigin Testimonials Widget.

The Testimonials Widget is ready to be used anywhere:

Page Builder: Insert widgets in Page Builder by SiteOrigin in either the Classic Editor or Page Builder Layout Block in the Block Editor.
Block Editor: 100% Block Editor compatible. Insert widgets using the SiteOrigin Widgets Block featuring a live widget search form.
Theme and Plugin Widget Areas: Insert widgets into any theme or plugin widget area.


Use the Add button to add your testimonials. On the right of each item, you’ll find three icons. The down arrow opens the item, the page icon duplicates the item, and the cross icon deletes the item. Once a testimonial is open, you’ll find the following settings:

Name: The author of the testimonial.
Link Name: Enable to link the name to a URL. The URL field is provided a little further down.
Location: Enter the location of the author.
Image: Select an image for the testimonial author.
Link Image: Enable to link the image. The URL field is provided a little further down.
Text: Enter the testimonial text (what the customer had to say).
URL: If you’d like to link the testimonial, enter a URL.
Open In a New Window: Enable to open the URL in a new window.


Testimonials Per Row: Use the slider to select how many testimonials per row to display.


Here you’ll find display settings for tablet and mobile phone resolutions.


Testimonials Per Row: Set the testimonials per row for tablet resolutions.
Image Size: Set the image size for tablet resolutions.
Resolution: The resolution to treat as a tablet resolution.

Mobile Phone

Testimonials Per Row: Set the testimonials per row for mobile resolutions.
Image Size: Set the image size for mobile resolutions.
Resolution: The resolution to treat as a mobile resolution.


Here you’ll find the design-related settings for the testimonials widget.


Image Shape: Select the testimonial image shape. Choose between square or round.
Image Size: Use the slider to select the image size.


Widget Background: Set the overall widget background color.
Text Background: Set the testimonial background color.
Text Color: Set the testimonial text color.


If you’re using SiteOrigin Premium and have the Testimonials addon enabled at SiteOriginPremium Addons then you’ll find the following additional settings with the Testimonials widget.

Title Font Family: Select the widget title font family.
Title Font Size: Select the title font size.
Name Font Family: Select the name font family.
Name Font Size: Select the name font size.
Location Font Family: Select the location font family.
Location Font Size: Select the location font size.
Text Font Family: Select the text font family.
Text Font Size: Select the text font size.

Padding: Use the slider to select the testimonial padding.
Text Background Radius: Set the radius of the corners of the testimonial background.
User Position: Set the user position in the testimonial. Choose between left, right or middle.
Testimonial Layout: Set the testimonial layout. Choose between side by side, text above user or text below user.
Equalize Testimonial Height: Enable to automatically enable testimonial heights.

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