Image Grid Widget

To use the Image Grid widget, ensure it’s enabled in the Widgets Bundle dashboard at PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets. The Image Grid widget can be inserted into any theme widget area at AppearanceWidgets or any page or post using Page Builder.

Once the Image Grid widget has been inserted into your theme widget area or page/post using Page Builder, hover over it and click the Edit link to begin. You’ll find the following fields available:


Click the Add link to begin adding your first image. Click the down arrow icon to edit an image, the page icon to edit a slide and finally, the cross icon to delete an image. When click the down arrow icon to edit, you’ll find the following settings:

Use the Choose Media, Image Search or External URL fields to add a background image.

Image title
Optionally enter an image title.

To link the image, enter a URL into the field provided.

Open in new window
Enable to open the above link in a new window.


Image Size
Choose the image size to be used. This field will display all available image sizes created by WordPress, plugins and your theme.

Maximum image height
Optionally enter a maximum image height.

Maximum image width
Optionally enter a maximum image width.

Enter the amount of spacing between images. The default is 10.

Enable Lightbox
This will override the destination URL. The image will open in a lightbox when clicked on. The Lightbox Addon is available as part of SiteOrigin Premium.

Album name
If the Enable Lightbox setting is enabled, this setting will appear. Images with the same album name will be displayed together.

Disable caption for this lightbox
If the Enable Lightbox setting is enabled, this setting will appear. Enable to disable the lightbox image captions.