Video Player Widget

Play all your self or externally hosted videos in a customizable video player.


To make use of this widget, go to PluginsSiteOrigin Widgets to activate the SiteOrigin Video Player widget.

The Video Player widget can be inserted into any theme widget area at AppearanceWidgets or any post/page using Page Builder by SiteOrigin. If you’re using the Block Editor, the Video Player widget can be inserted via the SiteOrigin Layout or SiteOrigin Widget block.


Once the Video Player widget has been inserted into your theme widget area or page/post using Page Builder, hover over it and click the Edit link to begin. You’ll find the following fields available:

Title: Optionally enter a widget title.
Video location: Choose between a self hosted or externally hosted video.

Video File

Use the Add button to add a video source file. Once an item has been added, you’ll notice three icons on the right. The down arrow opens the item, the page icon duplicates the item and the cross icon removes the item.

Select video
Use the Choose Media button to select a video from your Media Library. Alternatively, enter a video External URL.

In the event that you’d like to add multiple video formats for increased cross-browser compatibility, multiple source files can be added using the Add button.

Select cover image
Use the Choose Media or Image Search buttons to add a cover image.

Video Playback

Autoplay: Enable to autoplay the video.