Page builder on Mobile Devices

By John L., 28 days ago. Last reply by John L., 1 day ago
Hi there, i try to reduce the margin between rows on Page Builder and i actually did it by going Settings>Page Builder and setting the Row Bottom Margin to 0. But 2 problems that came up. 1) The gap between rows is NOT 0 if one of the rows contains only 1 column. For example…

Clicking on Slider Pagination (dots) causes Slideshow to stop.

By jenn, 26 days ago. Last reply by jenn, 1 day ago
The slideshow works great, as do the arrows to navigate ahead. But when I click on the pagination dots in the bottom right, I see the following errors in the console: jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.4.1:2 JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 jquery.cycle.all.min.js?ver=2.9999.5:1 [cycle] terminating; zero elements found by selector jquery.cycle.all.min.js?ver=2.9999.5:1 [cycle] terminating; zero elements found by selector jquery.carouFredSel-6.2.1-packed.js?ver=1.0.80:15…

Ajax Comments saves wrong custom field values

By Friday, 2 days ago
I have a checkbox field with the value of 1 which should not save a value if the checkbox is not checked but even if I don't check this box it saves the value of 1 for that field with the comment. This is not the case with Ajax Comments disabled, everything works well when…

Button text color won’t stay

By Mary Bachman, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 days ago
Hi, No matter how many times I try to add a button to the bottom of my pages, the color won’t stick. GoodData The text should be white – and it appears white when I first update the page. Then it changes when I revisit the page. Every so often, when I refresh the page,…

Widgets no longer show up on my website

By Adeyemi Molajo, 5 days ago
I have an issue with SiteOrigin’s stock icons. They worked fine until this week when I noticed they are not being displayed any longer. This was after a SiteOrigin widget update I installed. There should be three icons in the How It Works section of my homepage-

Read More Tag

By centurioncg, 6 days ago
I am using the new WordPress 4.7.2 and the Site Origin Rich Text Editor, which is an important Widget to use in many of the Pages, does not allow for the “Read More” button to be used. Will this be fixed? Is there a workaround?