North Theme h1-h6

By Carline, 6 hours ago
Hello I have used Vantage Theme so far. Now I have also looked at the North theme more closely. I like some options very well. But I have questions: 1. where or how can I set the h1-h6 font sizes? 2. where can I change the title and the description of the page individually in…

Mobile Nav Menu Center Only

By specialk2e2, 3 days ago
Hello :) I am wondering if anyone has the CSS to center the menu name and icon on MOBILE ONLY. So, to clarify, the main menu in the Vantage theme would be on the right or left, but the mobile menu and icon would always be centered. It just seems to always look a bit…

Hero container

I'm using Ascension theme and it has Hero widget on all pages. I would like to know how to disable/remove the hero widget and container from all pages so I can have my videos at the top of the page directly under the menu.

Plugin doesn’t work

By Eddie, 3 days ago
I’m having problem, when I try to open service Type A/B to enter the slug for your category it stuck there and doesn’t show any thing. I’m using WP 4.7.2 and only two recommended plugins are installed. I ve tried deactivating and activating them again, tried to clear the cache but it does not work.…

Compatibility SiteOrigin/Bridge Theme?

By mapochou, 5 days ago. Last reply by mapochou, 3 days ago
Hi there, I have installed the Bridge theme on my website, and used the Siteorigin Page builder to finalize the content & layout. Pages content not showing unless I refresh the page - Siteorigin columns messed up on some page and rearranged properly after refresh of the page I see that a similar thread is…

Menu Structure

By tonyg, 3 days ago
The categories listed are only the page ones, and not any of the product categories. Is it possible to add the products and product categories as a sub item under the parent page Shop.

Header Image and Logo

By EvaC, 14 days ago. Last reply by EvaC, 3 days ago
Hi. I am using the free Origami theme. I would like to have both, the header image and my logo displayed above the menu. How can I do that? (I would like the logo to be above the header image). Thank you.

Trouble with row margins on the front-page

By, 4 days ago
Hi, I’m using Optimizer theme to create the website I built the front page using also your Layout builder widget, but it seems that some rows have extra right/left margins that makes my homepage scrolling horizontally. Is there any CSS code that can remove these margins? Or maybe the problem is another one??

Making changes to the Pricing table

First of all, thanks for making this great plugin. It’s truely the best thing happened to WP! I activated the Plugin Bundle, and I’ve setup the Pricing table. The only thing is, that it’s not as customizable as your remaining modules. Here is what I’ve done so far: I would like to add some…

siteOrigin Features

hello, i am miss latte from from the netherlands, i am trying to use the plugin Siteorigin Features, it all works well, but the only strange thing, My title is not centured under my sticker, i can not find the thing to change this, is there someone who knows the answer for my, i…