2 SiteOrgin text boxes not loading

By aerovault, 11 days ago. Last reply by aerovault, 2 days ago
I was in the process of trying to verify my website with Google, and instead of putting their meta tag in the header.php, I mistakenly put it in these two widget text boxes on my homepage. I now cannot access either box, how do I gain access to them again to remove the unwanted code?…

Siteorigin Hero Disappearing off my Homepage

By Sarah Sweis Shoucair, 2 days ago
Hi, on my homepage, I have an image with 2 call to action buttons. Randomly checking my website today, I see it has disappeared. Logging into the wp dashboard, everything is still in place via the page builder? What could be the problem? I tried deleting the row and adding it back but it’s still…

Yoast and SiteOrigin Image Widget

By kylewhenderson, 2 days ago
Yoast does not recognize images added via the SiteOrigin Image Widget, so Yoast reports a false warning of “No images appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.” I can look past this, but unfortunately my customers just focus on the red warning dot and get frustrated with incompatibilities like this. Any chance on…

Removing white space between bottom row and footer

By Will Webb, 2 years ago. Last reply by ゛﹏ 謝蕝⒈苆曖眛ゝ, 2 days ago
Hi there, First off i’d like to say great job with the theme! I can’t seem to find how to eliminate the white space between my last row and my footer. This a common problem? Furthermore could someone shed some light on how I can customize the menu a bit more, I wanted to align…

Content left-aligned after last update

By bsander, 3 days ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 2 days ago
Like other threads that have posted here, our content is all left-aligned since the last update. Please let me know if we should change something on our end or just rollback to prior version of plugin? page in question is: http://tasteandsee.com/ultimate-guide-to-food-sharing-sites-2nd-edition/ Thanks… Bryan