SiteOrigin widgets on Gutenberg

By José António Fernandes, 5 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Hi, I have Vantage Premium theme but with the new editor I can’t add SiteOrigin widgets when building a new page. I saw your video from February 22 where you can do that (Gutenberg Compatibility in SiteOrigin Page Builder) but I’m not able to do it. Can you help me? Thanks

How to deactivate links underlining on the entire website?

Hi, I’m using Codelights widgets and I would like to disable the underlining of all the links. When using their modal popup there’s no option to disable the underlining (text or button), so I thought about disabling it on the entire website with some CSS code. I’ve tried adding what I’ve found here: but…

Black box instead of video

By Lyndelle McMillan, 23 days ago. Last reply by Lyndelle McMillan, 2 days ago
Hi, I am trying to embed a video link into a webpage and when I do it I get a black box. However, if I choose Edit, it shows me the video working and even though I tell it to embed Embed, it still only shows a black box on the preview and on the…

Can’t change color to rows widget

By AJ Lastoff, 2 days ago
Help! Need assistance trying to change color of the rows background. My steps: 1. create row 2. click on “custom Style” 3. Under Custom Background color, I choose a color (example blue). 4. Click DONE 5. Update page 5. Refresh website to see that the rows are still white!

Confused by HTML structure

By ghherter3, 2 days ago
I have a basic PageBuilder layout and am trying to make sense of the HTML and CSS structure it generates. Current structure looks like this Why does the first row have a different ID format and different class to subsequent rows?

SiteOrigin – Responsive Lightbox Gallery conflict

I just wanted to report a potential conflict between Responsive Lightbox Gallery and SiteOrigin PageBuilder (also have the widget bundle installed). I have been finding that some of my WordPress pages randomly stop showing any PageBuilder content (including widgets). Instead of seeing the PageBuilder box with Rows and widgets, I get a blank box. It…

Grey box under mansory gallery

By craycrayweb, 5 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 days ago
Hello – I get a grey box under my mansory gallery. The box disappears when I open and close the Inspect panel in Chrome (Right-click > Inspect). I disabled every plugin expect the one by SiteOrigin and the problem persist. Here’s the link to the page so you can see what I mean: Can…