Update Messed Up My Homepage

By Bri Healthy, 6 days ago. Last reply by Bri Healthy, 5 days ago
Hi, I just updated your software and it completely threw off the design of my homepage. It’s usually a scrolling series of posts with the title “latest posts” that’s at the bottom of my homepage under a 500 x 700 slider. Now, the Latest Posts are over to the top right and my slider is…

Page Builder 2.5.2

By draiche, 5 days ago. Last reply by draiche, 5 days ago
I use Page Builder for our entire website. It’s great and I love working with it. But I had to use the Rollback plugin to go back to version 2.4.25 because the updated version of 2.5.2 doesn’t work at all on my site. The option to use SiteOrigin isn’t there and none of the widgets…

Hero Slider Navigation Below content?

By jele, 1 month ago. Last reply by jele, 5 days ago
I want to switch between written content and the built in navigation is impractical since it's a) above the text and b) I simply want it to look different. What I'm thinking of is remarkably simple: I know I can't stop the automatic transition between the slides, but my plan is to just add such…

Purpose of Site Origin Page Builder

By The Delicious Crescent (thedeliciouscrescent), 6 days ago. Last reply by The Delicious Crescent (thedeliciouscrescent), 5 days ago
I have this plugin installed on my site. I do not know how long back I did it. But I do not remember why I did it. I noticed a lot of errors linked to this plugin in my google analysis data. I am trying to determine if my site is actually using this plugin.…

Refresh problem

By PaweĊ‚ Makowski, 12 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 days ago
I do not update the content. 1. Add Site Origin Widget. 2. Add content. 3. I’m updating the page. It’s good. 4. I change the content in Site Origin Widget. 5. Updating page … does not work. I have: WordPress 4.3 SiteOrigin Widgets 1.8.2 Page builder 2.5.1 Theme SiteOrigin 1.0.6 Help :)

Website broken since latest PageBuilder Update

By Christian Schaal, 9 days ago. Last reply by Christian Schaal, 5 days ago
Hello everyone! When I updated PageBuilder yesterday, at every pagebuilder-row with more than one coloumn, there is a line break between each coloumn, even if there is enough space to render all coloumns side by side. See my two websites for example: http://schaal-kfz-meisterbetrieb.de/ https://pentaquin.com/ I use WordPress 4.7.4 with Virtue Theme. Thank you very much.