Recommend an alternative to Yoast Seo

By charlieapple, 5 days ago
Hi, as reported by many others, Yoast doesn’t recognise images placed in page builder and scores you badly for having no images in the page, even when there are images in your page. This is not just as a Hero image but as a normal image. I have read lots of posts on several forums…

Unknown Error. Failed to load the form

By Gillian Kelly, 5 days ago
Hi There, My website has suddenly presented this issue – when I try to edit any of my existing Siteorigin widgets, I get a ‘Unknown Error. Failed to Load the form. Please check your internet connection, contact your web site administrator, or try again later. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong – I have…

Text editor not working? Just blank

By MikeDrum, 6 days ago. Last reply by MikeDrum, 5 days ago
Hi, Just went to update a page on my site, and when going to edit text the SiteOrigin editor just comes up blank. I went on other pages, it’s the same there, then I went to some of my other websites, and all of those just come up blank too! I’ve no idea how this…

Help! Page builder layouts disappeared!

By Matt Billings, 13 days ago. Last reply by Matt Billings, 6 days ago
Hi there, Every page at my site including the homepage are built using page builder. Today, the rows/widgets in the editor have gone away, and only the visual/text editor remains. The page builder tab is still there but no layout is showing. We are unable to update these pages using the visual/text editor, even…

GDPR / Dsgvo Compliance

By edi, 11 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
Hello, on 25.05.2018 the EU GDPR is coming. Businesses and people online face fines that have the potential to put them out of business if they aren’t GDPR compliant. My question: Will your Plugins “SiteOrigin – CSS”, “SiteOrigin – Widgets Bundle” and “SiteOrigin Premium” be compliant in time? (Anonymisation of IP Adresses as feature (backwards…

Hide a block (row)

By superlativo, 13 days ago. Last reply by superlativo, 6 days ago
Hi guys, Congratulations about your page builder. It’s easier and faster to create infinite designs. I have a suggestion. The row options are Edit, Duplicate, Delete and colors. Is it possible add a option for hidden the row? It’s a huge option for temporaly hide or for a test. Thanks in advance.

Custom CSS does not work

By BellaPuella, 6 days ago
Nothing happens when I try to open the custom CSS editor? when I click the eye icon or the expand icon the only thing that happens is that the URL gets extended with the vord “visual” or the word “expand”. Does anyone else experience the same? The theme I am trying to edit is called…

Problem Using Page Builder

By dwappes, 13 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
I was successfully editing my website in Page Builder by Site Origin without any problems when suddenly the plugin switched to Beaver Builder (Lite) on its own. Then when editing, clicking “Done” and “Publish” all appears well until I log out of WordPress at which time all my edits revert back to what it was…

Need help! out of options.

By Angelos, 13 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
hi, Im using the Sydney theme with several SiteOrigin plugins. Im trying to make posts for my NewsPage and i cant seem to change the body color,so not the background. or simply adjust the body. Ive tried several things but nothing works. Also the body seems to overlay my navmenu and buttons. So my background…

Widget missing BWGControllerWidget

By cjones1988, 13 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
My site is displaying the following error message “The widget BWGControllerWidget is not available. Please try locate and install the missing plugin. Post on the support forums if you need help.” My images are no longer being displayed on the website. It has happened on every page with images as well as photo galleries. i…

Remove / Disable quick view

By kevinwebdesign, 13 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
Dear Support Team We would like to disable / remove a button of each products image in Woocommerce Website – Thanks for your kind support. Kevin

Ultimate member conflicts with WP-Admin?

By Donald Gong, 13 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
Hi I hope to explain this correctly. I have issues when users have to login either leaving a reply on a post or using my Reviewr Plugin that it prompts the WP-admin login. The intention is that the Ultimate Memember login page comes up instead. Is this an issue with Ultimate member plugin? If not,…

Massive number of site calls to So Widget Font Awesome elements

By Laura May Skillen, 13 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
Hi all! In 24 hours, we had over 2000 executions of something in our site’s SiteOrigin widgets Font Awesome folder, leading to our host flagging us for CPU abuse. Does anyone have any experience with this/any ideas on how to resolve it? The file was /wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/icons/fontawesome/font/fontawesome-webfont.woff2. (2,241 executions) Thanks so much!