After recent plugin update my rows aren’t displaying correctly.

By Kimberley Grundy, 10 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 hour ago
Hi Hope you can help me. After some updates I have an issue. When content is split into three items in a row on the page builder it is now stacking this untidily underneath each other rather than across the page like it used to. Is now displaying: Should be like: It’s also…

SiteOrigin Feature Blank

By mjwild1991, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 hour ago
Hi, hope someone can help. I’ve used SiteOrigin Features but it appears blank on my website, I’ve inputted information as it shows in the documentation. Using the PageBuilder, having it inserted in a Row under a text widget. But it still appears blank. Please help!

Error with paragraphs and text with Builder

By kdric, 23 hours ago
I have a page with Siteorigin Editor that has errors. After a figcaption, instead of starting with , the next paragraph starts with ” Also, in one of the spaces between paragraphs the codes shows as instead of just a gap (maybe caused by me forcing paragraphs as the paragraphs weren’t working). On other pages…

Sitebuilder Tab Disappears from Editor

By Jeffrey Van Houtte, 3 days ago
Dear Support: I have built an entire site using Sitebuilder. Unysis, a plugin required by the Theme I am using, requested to be updated. Once I did the Pagebuilder tab disappeared and all the widgets I used to create the pages, etc are gone. I deactivated the Unysis plug in and the tab returned, but…

My website does not open

By Oladipo Akintokun, 3 days ago
I have been using the pagebuilder by siteorigin plugin since 2016 but i recently noticed that when i try opening my website it is blank. i contacted my hosting company and i was told that the problem is pagebuilder by siteorigin. After deactivation my website opens again, but the pages dont display correctly.

CSS Editor not working on Brawny theme

By Fiona Peacock, 3 days ago
Everything was working well with the css editor until I wanted to edit a section on my page and now the editor won't select any of the sections properly and it shows the sections of css functions as whited out. I activated a wordpress theme to test the editor just now and it works fine…

text editor does not work after update

By Sophie Brunner, 16 days ago. Last reply by Sophie Brunner, 3 days ago
After recent updates, there seems to be a bug involving the editor. After switching from Visual to Text a double set of tabs show and the textarea under the “Text” tab is styled white. Running: SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle Version 1.9.6 Page Builder by SiteOrigin Version 2.5.9 WordPress 4.8.1. Do you know more about it? Thanks,…

Carousel Arrows/Navigation Not Working

By adamp, 4 days ago. Last reply by adamp, 4 days ago
Hey there – The Carousel widget in the Vantage theme is showing up for me fine, but it’s not allowing me to navigate from left to right. I’ve read threads about disabling every plugin and trying again – but I’ve done that and I’m left with the same problem. Is there an easy way for…

SiteOrigin Page Builder not working with new pages?

By ChooseAbroad, 4 days ago
The SiteOrigin plugin does not work when I try to add new pages to my website in WordPress. The possibility “Live editor” has disappereard in the new page and so has the toolbox in the “text editor” I have tried to disactivate all plugins except for the SiteOrigin Plugin, but I experience the same problem…