By Luis Enrique Yanajara Roldán, 1 day ago
Hello , i want to install a https:// plugin , can you recommend me one? i don’t have idea how to do it, thanks :)

Mobile menu Dropdown

By Eric Rowe, 1 day ago
I have a site that is not displaying a dropdown menu in mobile view. I’ve deactivated recently updated plugins and added some custom CSS I found in another recent similar response on this board to troubleshoot, but they didn’t work. Any insight would be appreciated Thanks

huge blue rows??

By Robert van Tilborg, 2 days ago
after updating some plugins i now got huge blue row’s! where does this this come from??? tried disabling plugins etc etc nothing works out… what the hell is going on??? (using sydney theme)

site origin not responsive in my website

By saudou, 3 days ago
Hello, I like using site origin page builder, and i thank you for this nice plugin. However, on my website, it appears that it is not responsive on mobile, and i should use a special plugin to make it responsive. Maybe it is a mistake on my side, as it should be responsive according…

Page Builder problems

By suefreer, 4 days ago. Last reply by suefreer, 3 days ago
I am having problems where when I try to edit a page on my WordPress site, I now see all my code as text. If I click on “PageBuilder” it asks if I want to transfer the contents to Page Builder. If I say yes, I have lost all the formatting – eg. Font and…

tabs Widget

By Creatief met haken, 14 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 days ago
hello, I am struggling with the Tabs widget. I type my content in the editor, then click save…and all of my content is one big block. All of the paragraphs and layouts are gone

Page content left aligned

By Samhollis, 3 days ago
I have built a new page using siteorigin. I am quite new to the builder. I have found the entire page is off centre to the left. Page: Any ideas why that might be? Content centre aligned is ticked in every row In the design menu of the text widget content alignment is centre.…

More than 2 menus on vantage

By rumbaruz, 4 days ago
I am building a multilingual site and at the moment I need only 2 languages. I have seen that vantage supports only 2 menus, one for every language. So, the problem is: if a need to add another language, and so on another translated menu, is it possible to have a third menu or Vantage…

Showcase editing

By Kevin Lockwood, 4 days ago
I just installed the Showcase site pack on a fresh, empty site. Opened the editor. When I click on the Hero widget to modify, all I get is the date and time. I also replaced the layout with Dentistry pre-built layout and get the same thing with I try to edit. There are no other…