Panel-Stretch miscalculating negative margins

By antwortzeit, 1 hour ago
Hey guys, i’m having trouble with the panel stretching on a new client website. The jQuery does calculate, but misses for example the left margin completely – so the whole panel gets offset. Please give me a private email address so i can add you as an admin user. Thanks a lot! Best, Christian

Easy way to set excerpt length per category?

By Yan White, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 hours ago
Hi, I am creating a blog site using Unwind and have links pointing to post categories. For the home page, setting excerpt is fine (though there is a current open bug with displaying both ‘read more’ and ellipsis). For another category I want to display the videos and full text in the category page. Currently,…

Couple of annoyances with Page Builder

By willowen100, 9 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 hours ago
Hi everyone I have the Sydney Pro theme from and I believe it is packaged with SiteOrigin bundle. I love how the functionality of it but I have some slight annoyances I’m hoping I can remove. The first problem I have is under EditRow > Row Styles > Design *Widget title color *Headings color…

Visual editor problem

By Rob-SO, 3 days ago. Last reply by Rob-SO, 18 hours ago
Using all the latest versions of Word Press and Site Origin Page Builder/Widget Bundle, I’m a bit confounded as to why the TinyMCE Advanced editor does not appear when I am editing a SiteOrigin Editor widget. For a page not using page builder, here is what visual mode looks like: For a page using…

Changing font in post title with SiteOrigin CSS

By Niko Cobben, 1 day ago
I’m recently started with SiteOrigin CSS in my Origami premium theme. I have changed the fonts of post titles in the homepage (h1 entry-title a). The homepage shows the 5 latest post. But if I’m going to an individual post the fonts of the title, these are not changed. I’m not using Is it possible…

Expand mobile menu on text click, not on arrow click

By Steffen Kirchgeorg, 1 day ago
Dear SiteOrigin Support, on my website, I am using a menu entry with submenu items. On a mobile device, this menu item “Galleries” only expands when clicking on the arrow that shows up when using a mobile device. Is there any possibility of making the whole row / text clickable? So that wherever I…