Errors with Rows as Columns

By WendyGNU, 2 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 days ago
Earlier post Hello, with the 2.5x versions of Pagebuilder, I have been experiencing a glitch in which the columns of a given row sit down below one another rather than side by side. 2.5x columns sit as: x x x 2.4x Columns sit as: x x x Everything works fine with the 2.4x version.

[page Builder] Issues with rows and wordpress

By Guillaume Thimus, 3 days ago
Hi! I’m using a LearnPress template with wordpress. I’ve de-activate a bunch of plugins running with it. But since version 2.4.25 if I try to make a update, I’m getting issues with rows, and content of the webpages. website is I’m using WordPress 4.8.1 I’ve deactivate all the plugins and turn on Page Builder(siteOrigin) only.…

Sitebuilder Tab Disappears from Editor

By Jeffrey Van Houtte, 3 days ago
Dear Support: I have built an entire site using Sitebuilder. Unysis, a plugin required by the Theme I am using, requested to be updated. Once I did the Pagebuilder tab disappeared and all the widgets I used to create the pages, etc are gone. I deactivated the Unysis plug in and the tab returned, but…

My website does not open

By Oladipo Akintokun, 3 days ago
I have been using the pagebuilder by siteorigin plugin since 2016 but i recently noticed that when i try opening my website it is blank. i contacted my hosting company and i was told that the problem is pagebuilder by siteorigin. After deactivation my website opens again, but the pages dont display correctly.

Custom Editor Styles Ignored

By Amanda Russell, 12 days ago. Last reply by Amanda Russell, 3 days ago
I'm having the same problem described in this post regarding add editor style[/code] I'd like the editor's typography to match my site as closely as possible, and to override up some of TinyMCE's built-in styles, so I'd love for the editor widget to honor the custom styles. They work in the regular WP editor, but…

White space between rows.

By Mary Chaffee, 3 days ago
I have read a few threads regarding the issue of white space between rows. I tried using some of the code snippets suggested, and changes via settings > PageBuilder > layout. None of these seem to do the trick for my site. I am wondering if the theme is overwriting the changes. Any recommendations for…

CSS Editor not working on Brawny theme

By Fiona Peacock, 3 days ago
Everything was working well with the css editor until I wanted to edit a section on my page and now the editor won't select any of the sections properly and it shows the sections of css functions as whited out. I activated a wordpress theme to test the editor just now and it works fine…

Hero Widget

I was watching the video on the Hero widget and it shows a foreground image. Is that only in the premium versions because I do not see one in mine? While I am asking this I would also like to know if the foreground can be animated? Do you have a way for someone who…

Conflict Huge-It Portfolio

By Carolina Perez Gutt, 13 days ago. Last reply by Carolina Perez Gutt, 3 days ago
Hi, it seems Huge-It Portfolio can’t load correctly the styles it needs when on SO page builder, but when used in a page or post directly works fine. Any body else? any solution to this? I’d already post this question with Huge-It and with the creators of the theme I’m using, but may be here…