Plugin doesn’t work

By Eddie, 3 days ago
I’m having problem, when I try to open service Type A/B to enter the slug for your category it stuck there and doesn’t show any thing. I’m using WP 4.7.2 and only two recommended plugins are installed. I ve tried deactivating and activating them again, tried to clear the cache but it does not work.…

Two h1 tags per page in Vantage theme

By SiteFan, 3 days ago. Last reply by SiteFan, 3 days ago
Yoast, who I am sure you are familiar with :) Says this about SEO at ” Although most themes for WordPress get this right, make sure your post title is an , and nothing else. Your blog’s name should only be an on your front page, and on single, post, and category pages, it…

Are you sure you want to do this?

By maxnaud, 3 days ago
Hi, I get the “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” error. I’ve read about deactivating plugins and stuff, but what’s actually weird is that I only get the error when using my laptop at home, not on my office computer… Can you please help me and tell me what I…

Compatibility SiteOrigin/Bridge Theme?

By mapochou, 5 days ago. Last reply by mapochou, 3 days ago
Hi there, I have installed the Bridge theme on my website, and used the Siteorigin Page builder to finalize the content & layout. Pages content not showing unless I refresh the page - Siteorigin columns messed up on some page and rearranged properly after refresh of the page I see that a similar thread is…

Menu Structure

By tonyg, 3 days ago
The categories listed are only the page ones, and not any of the product categories. Is it possible to add the products and product categories as a sub item under the parent page Shop.

Header Image and Logo

By EvaC, 14 days ago. Last reply by EvaC, 3 days ago
Hi. I am using the free Origami theme. I would like to have both, the header image and my logo displayed above the menu. How can I do that? (I would like the logo to be above the header image). Thank you.

SSL Certificate

By tonyg, 3 days ago
Hello SiteOrigin Moderators, I am building a new website and have added the woo commerce to try and sell a few products. Can you recommend an in-expensive SSL certificate plug in that works well with Woo Commerce? The tutorials say I will need one to go through Paypal, but I don’t want to spend too…

Hero Pause on Hover

By, 3 days ago
Hi, I am using the Hero Image with multiple images. I do not see a setting for pause on hover. Is it possible? I see it for other slider tools, but the Hero Image gives copy features that others do not. Want to Hover and pause the images from rotating.

Problem not showing color options on widgets

By ofertalia, 3 days ago
Hi Guys, I am using the latest WordPress version, installed Page Builder but on every widget the options to choose any color does not work at all. I am using a mac OS Sierra and tried on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The problem happens even with no plugins installed. Please look at the attached images.…

Page Builder duplicating shortcode – Revisited?

By wp3dmodels, 3 days ago
Hello, I’m the developer of a plugin that includes the use of a custom shortcode. For various reasons, our shortcode can only be used once per page. Unfortunately, our customers that use Page Builder by SiteOrigin are finding that our shortcode does not work, likely because of how shortcodes are stored in a “pre-rendered” fashion…