Adding additional options to post loop query

By kwkirchner, 1 day ago. Last reply by kwkirchner, 1 day ago
Currently I have my post loop on the main page to only pull posts from ‘cat=2,3,4,5’ but I would also like to exclude any posts that are also tagged for my Archive category (ID 21). How can I accomplish this? I cleared the “additional query” box by adding the 4 categories into the Taxonomy section,…

Changing font in post title with SiteOrigin CSS

By Niko Cobben, 1 day ago
I’m recently started with SiteOrigin CSS in my Origami premium theme. I have changed the fonts of post titles in the homepage (h1 entry-title a). The homepage shows the 5 latest post. But if I’m going to an individual post the fonts of the title, these are not changed. I’m not using Is it possible…

Expand mobile menu on text click, not on arrow click

By Steffen Kirchgeorg, 1 day ago
Dear SiteOrigin Support, on my website, I am using a menu entry with submenu items. On a mobile device, this menu item “Galleries” only expands when clicking on the arrow that shows up when using a mobile device. Is there any possibility of making the whole row / text clickable? So that wherever I…

How to have a logo float or over the navigation.

By Lynx Hexagon, 14 days ago. Last reply by Lynx Hexagon, 2 days ago
Hi Support, I have a website using a Site Pack Themes using Consultant. I need to know if i can make the logo float or on top of navigation menu and slider? Also need it to same as the homepage when moving to next page. Hope my explanation is enough. Thanks in advance. Lynx Hexagon

Yoast No Works (Dec 2017)

By EDW-Dsk, 10 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 days ago
Hi, I found threads like this ““, this one “” and finally this: “” (still Existing a lot of more…). All of them threads looks like the problem with Yoast plugin was resolved, but now on december 2017 this is not real. Im working 3 different projects with Yoast and Site Origin Page Builder in…

contact form font size

By robini123, 2 days ago
Hello, how can I change the size of the font that is displayed for options like radio button options, and checkbox options? If I have radio button options for “male” “female” I need to make the male and female font size smaller. Thanks in advance

Pagebuilder activated breakes Email-Content of Plugin for Woocommerce

By Simon Nowotny, 12 days ago. Last reply by Simon Nowotny, 2 days ago
Hello, i’m using PageBuilder + Bundle + Woocommerce together with a plugin called “German Market”. So i activated a function in the German Market Plugin which sends out an extra email for informations about payment by debit. But the email looks really strange: Header and footer are ok but the content of the email is…

modification style css panel widget accordion

By Jonathan Fougère, 2 days ago
Hi, sorry for my english i’d like modify this element style to .so-widget-sow-accordion-default-257292cb1feb .sow-accordion .sow-accordion-panel .sow-accordion-panel-header{padding: 5px 30px 5px 30px;} but i don’t know where. i try to change the css style in widget style but it doesn’t function. Thanks for your help.

Row with 2 columns different width

By Jay13, 2 days ago
Hi I’m having issues in aligning page where I have some rows with 1 column and some rows with 2 columns. Here an example: COURSE The rows with 2 columns is super stretched, the rows with 1 column look ok – but I can’t figure out why it’s happening and how to make them be…