Remove space between header and top of page

By Anna K Amendolare, 2 days ago
I promise, I did search of the support threads before starting my own and tried every CSS given. The issue is, it’s an inline element which overrides any custom CSS and that’s what causing this. See gap: See Inspector: When I un-check that height box, it fixes. Where the heck is that inline…

Solid borders between rows in a table

By hassesetter, 2 days ago
I am using vantage Child theme (Premium) and Woocommerce of the latest updates. I want to have solid lines between each row in a table on a Product page but I cannot find out were to change the css. Could you give me a hint were to change? BR Hasse

SiteOrigin Hero Link not working

By Alisa Hogan, 3 days ago
Hi There I’m linking from Hero Image on my front page to a specific post, e.g. post:1057. But when I check the link it only goes to my blog not a specific post. I have 4 hero images and they all do the same thing. I’ve gone into clear browsing data and cleared cache but…

SiteOrigin North and woocommerce trasnslation

By Wojciech Waszak, 2 years ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 3 days ago
Hello, I am creating an e-commerce site using the SiteOrigin North in Polish. So, my site is almost ready to go online but on the mini-cart and cart page, some text is still in English (I have woocommerce installed, Polish version). There are buttons View cart and Checkout in mini-cart, which are not translated. The…

Can’t access page to edit, ‘page not found’

By Patrick Dean, 22 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 days ago
website is, using Vantage with PageBuilder, haven’t switched to Gutenberg. Recently (since last WP upgrade?) I can’t access pages to edit them, either through the dashboard or the top toolbar when on the actual page. I get the ‘this page can’t be found’ error page. Bluehost said… “Thank you for contacting support. We have…

SiteOrigin Unwind theme, I think it’s conflicting with the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

By Annmarie Asiimwe, 10 days ago. Last reply by Annmarie Asiimwe, 4 days ago
Hi, I am using the SiteOrigin Unwind theme on my website, My site keeps crashing. At the moment, I’ve deactivated all plugins, except PageBuilder and SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and WPforms Lite. If I activate one more plugin, for example, Google Analytics or W3 Total Cache, the whole site crashes and I get blank page…

WP Shortcodes with PageBuilder on Vantage

By Andrew Sundance, 5 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 days ago
I am using the Vantage these, the standard SiteOrgin widget bundle. I am trying to add a simple WP Shortcode to display all pages from one category in the body of a page. It doesn’t work. Here is the page. Bad Book Reviews These are two examples of shortcodes I’m using: [display-posts category=”bad-book-reviews” posts_per_page=”-1″ include_date=”true”…

CSS to set mobile padding for whole website

By Patrina Pellett, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 days ago
Hey there, The padding for my site on mobile is a little wonky. It goes right up to the edges and doesn’t look great on mobile. In the page builder, I can adjust the Mobile Padding fields to get some white space on the sides. However, this doesn’t change the padding on everything on the…

Which Theme? I need advice

By johnwey, 10 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 8 days ago
I need to use only one of SiteOrigin’s free themes – either Corp, Vantage or Unwind While I already use Corp quite a bit, I notice the header always has a certain “look” Like this, with the words left of the menu I need to update two websites with a SiteOrigin theme –…

Customize the Header Sticky Menu

By Anna K Amendolare, 10 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 9 days ago
I have my logo set to sit atop the header image. The logo is white, the header image has a dark overlay. I don’t need a header background color when my header is at the top of the page. I ONLY need that background color when it turns into a sticky menu; when the logo…