Equal column widths in Features widget

By ClairWN, 11 hours ago
Hello I’ve set this to 4 features per row, and left the default 25px padding between columns. The left and right columns are wider than the two middle ones, which is confirmed by the padding only applying to the internal spaces between them (not the far left and right sides.) How can I make them…

Bug report

By Tony Lewis, 9 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 7 days ago
I just updated my plugin and noticed a small annoying bug. All the button on my website with an icon which is aligned right, now appears in the wrong place and makes reading the button text really hard. You can se it on my website here: https://www.wilsonandlewisphotography.com/wedding-photography Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in…

Error theme corp con plugins Widgets Bundle

By ENZO MENESES, 22 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 17 days ago
Hola ayuda estoy utilizando el theme Corp y al momento de activar plugins Widgets Bundle esto me bloquea la personalizar el theme mostrandome el siguiente mensaje. “Error Interno del Servidor El servidor encontró un error interno o una mala configuración y no pudo completar su solicitud. Por favor comuníquese con el administrador del servidor a…


By Christian Volmering, 22 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 21 days ago
Wo kann man das Website-Icon einstellen? Bis jetzt wird dort das Icon von WordPress angezeigt. Leider finde ich die Einstellung nicht. MFG. Volmering Where to set the website icon? Until now the icon of wordpress is displayed there. Unfortunately I can’t find the setting. MFG. Volmering

Mobile display issue with features widget

By esudroff, 30 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 28 days ago
Home Site looks great on my computer but on mobile I’m having a lot of display issues. Mainly the features widget. It’s throwing my “find out more” and “read more” content under my content and making it overall look very sloppy. When I use firefox and use the inspect tool…it seems this blurb is the…

Blurry prodcut images – Corp theme (non premium)

By gbsso, 1 month ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 month ago
Hi, My product images are blurry. I have downloaded and run the regenerate thumbnails plugin. I have deleted and reuploaded the images. Nothing I can find about this issue relates to the settings in woocommerce 8+ In dev tools I see where the product images are being loaded at 300px, then apparently stretched, but I…

Vantage breaking all MetaSliders

By RRe36, 1 month ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 month ago
Hi, I’ve recently noticed that every single MetaSlider on my website broke with what must be a recent Vantage Update, as the sliders work perfectly fine if I switch to a different theme. Other slider plugins such as Smart Slider 3 seem to work fine, but migrating over a hundred sliders is not an option…

Drop Down Menu Direction – Vantage Theme

By Jupiter1955, 1 month ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 month ago
It should be possible to change the direction of the Drop Down Menus as detailed in this article: Changing Drop Down Menu Direction By default drop down menus appear to the right of their parent menu item. Right alignment can be an issue for menu items close to the end of the screen, causing items…

Transparency in navigation masthead

By Will Roberts, 3 months ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 2 months ago
Theme is Vantage. I have the masthead set to “logo in masthead” And its set to sticky for scrolling. I’ve tried code from various other threads but nothing seems to have any effect. Anyone have css to make the masthead transparent both at start and while scrolling (sticky)? Thanks