North Theme h1-h6

By Carline, 6 hours ago
Hello I have used Vantage Theme so far. Now I have also looked at the North theme more closely. I like some options very well. But I have questions: 1. where or how can I set the h1-h6 font sizes? 2. where can I change the title and the description of the page individually in…

Sidebar Vantage

By Linda Carlen, 23 hours ago
Hi, How do I create a unique sidebar for one page= a sidebar that does not appear on all pages? I must say that I enjoy working with your Vantage but the blog is not so OK How about creating a theme with a Newsmagazine touch to it? I def would be your firts and…

Sharing buttons are doubled

By Linda Carlen, 1 day ago
Hi , I really need your help: 1 The sharing buttons are double on my blog page and that looks not so good. Also when I remove the sharing buttons from the blogposts there is a strange row with sharings on the postpage that does not dissappear.

Ajax Comments saves wrong custom field values

By Friday, 2 days ago
I have a checkbox field with the value of 1 which should not save a value if the checkbox is not checked but even if I don't check this box it saves the value of 1 for that field with the comment. This is not the case with Ajax Comments disabled, everything works well when…

Mobile Nav Menu Center Only

By specialk2e2, 3 days ago
Hello :) I am wondering if anyone has the CSS to center the menu name and icon on MOBILE ONLY. So, to clarify, the main menu in the Vantage theme would be on the right or left, but the mobile menu and icon would always be centered. It just seems to always look a bit…

Remove Lines in Custom Footer Menu

By specialk2e2, 3 days ago
Hi There :) I added custom CSS (as recommended in another thread) to create a horizontal footer menu in the site, however I have unwanted horizontal and vertical lines and I can’t figure out where they are originating from. I couldn’t find another thread that addressed this issue, has anyone seen it before? Thanks!

Site Origin premium

By Linda Carlen, 21 days ago. Last reply by Linda Carlen, 3 days ago
Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to have different fonts on one page if I get the Site Origin Premium? It does say the fonts are changeable but I do not really undertand. I would use a handwriting font in one widget and a blockletterfont in an other widget. Will this…