No se actualizan los cambios

By Negocios Crafts Berenice C., 3 days ago
Hola, tengo la versión 4.7.1 de WP, acabo de instalar el plugin de Page Builder y los widgets necesarios para utilizarlo. Al intentar diseñar la página todo está correcto, excepto que cuando intento actualizar la página para ver los cambios reflejados, me lleva directo a una página de error, con el texto “Vaya, no se…

WooCommerce Error?

Please Activate WooCommerce Plugin First, to use it. I’m getting this since I tried to use one of the prebuilt siteorigin layouts for a contact form. I’m not even using WooCommerce that I know of… I mean I’ve never heard of it. I have no idea what to do. Please help!

Conflict with Revolution Slider & Woo Commerce

By sbehnfeldt, 3 days ago
When I have all 3 plugins – Revolution Slider, Woo Commerce and Page Builder – installed, conflicts occur. When I searched your site for “conflicts”, I got many many pages of results. I am hoping you may be aware of conflicts with these plugins so that I don’t have to read through all the results.

Sidebar only on certain pages

By Jack, 4 days ago
I know I can’t choose which pages to show the sidebar on in my vantage settings. I want to choose or put my sidebar on only certain pages and not the others. (just on blog, single posts, etc.) I don’t want to hide the widgets because I want to have the full width look on…

Theme Unwind and 403 message

By, 12 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 4 days ago
I have just started building a site with unwind. I keep getting error 403 messages Id say every 30 mins of working. When I deactivate themes I am able to get back into my wordpress site. Any thoughts? Thank You!

SiteOrigin Image hover Effect

Hi! I need help with the SiteOrigin Image widget. In order to stay responsive, i want to add a image hover effects to my images, which i placed with the SiteOrigin Image Widget. For Photoshop-Edited pictures, i want to show the original, and when you hover over it with your mouse, the edited version of…

Find usages of PageBuilder?

By OsakaWebbie, 4 days ago
Is there a way (perhaps by looking for something distinctive in the database) to determine whether a site currently has any pages using PageBuilder, and if so, which pages? I have discovered that the current versions of PageBuilder and WPML have some sort of compatibility problem, which is affecting one page on one site I…

emphasize words by different font sizes

By MoMoed, 4 days ago
Hello everyone who reads this, I am building a website with the Vantage theme and using the Site Origin Editor for text. I would like to emphasize certain words in the content text, sometimes within a sentence, sometimes within a paragraph. I seem only to succeed in doing this by making a word bold or…

Problem with page builder after update

By Fabrice NOUNAHON, 10 days ago. Last reply by Fabrice NOUNAHON, 4 days ago
Hi, After automatic WordPress update to 4.6.2, my site is completely broken: I use the Site Origin Page builder with Specia wordpress theme, but after update all my content was moved to editor. When I moved back to page builder, all my setup was gone and my content was put in 1 row. Is…

Problem with preview

By Benjamin Pierre Dylan, 4 days ago
Hello, Benjamin from Paris, France. I have an issue with preview button in back-end editor. With ‘visual’ it works (front-end). I’ve seen some people have the same problem, is there any solution ? I can give you Id to connect to my dashbord if you need. Thank you.

no content in loop-widget

By siepos, 4 days ago
Hi, I a new user in SiteOrigin. For my site i use a template from Customizr. On my post-page i would like to use the loop widget. But.. what ever i do i see only the titel from the post, not the content. What do i wrong?? Thanks for an answer. Siepos

Iframe height

By dammronnie, 12 days ago. Last reply by dammronnie, 4 days ago
Thanks for your help!! Im using SiteOrigin. When using iframes inside a page, the height is always the same no matter what height I establish. It cutts them all in about 800px and cant see the bottom part of the iframe. I tried putting scrolling=”yes” but doesnt work. the code is Any help? Thanks

Siteorigin google map not working

By NOAH GLORY, 10 days ago. Last reply by NOAH GLORY, 4 days ago
Good day, I’m using siteorigin google maps widget on these websites to show a location for “Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, College of Art and Built Environment, Kumasi, Ghana”. This location is available on google maps yet when i use it in the widget, it can’t find it. Im using an API key.…