Number of projects by page is limited

By Marion GEORGES, 8 hours ago
Hello ! Here’s my site : My issue is that I can’t find where to go to increase the number of projects displaying on my homepage (the second bloc with thumbnails. Currently it’s limited to 8 projects, and if there’s more they’re just not showing up on my page, and it’s a big problem.…

Widget Title Image- Mobile Responsive

By Shawna Peryea, 5 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 12 hours ago
Hi people, I have been using the CSS editor to customize my new site and love everything about. The biggest points that are making me want to pull my hair out are the social media feeds on the alt home page. I am not sure if somewhere along the line I messed up the CSS,…

Hero images are not showing up

By kayleesachs, 21 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 13 hours ago
I realized recently that my hero images are no longer showing up. They are still there on the back end though. I read another thread where a user was experiencing the same issue and they were told to clear their cache. So I did that but they are still not working. Any other suggestions?

Hide title

By Артем Гурнов, 1 day ago
Hello! I’d like to remove the “Blog” title on background from every post (i’ve circled it red) – i just want to keep the post title (blue circle) Thanks a lot in advance screenshot

How to prevent footer overriding layout builder widgets font styles

By Kevin Ruffus, 8 days ago. Last reply by Kevin Ruffus, 1 day ago
I had started a previous thread related to this, but after further testing I’ve discovered that the widgets placed into the footer area have all H (h1, h2, etc) styling overridden, and general font styling/sizing put in place in the rich editor widgets inserted into rows via the layout builder widget stripped, except bold, italic,…

Missing jetpack image widget

By siestasunvillas, 5 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Hello, Recently my website images have all disappeared and I have the following error: “The widget Jetpack_Image_Widget is not available. Please try locate and install the missing plugin. Post on the support forums if you need help.” I have a wordpress site (latest version 4.8) I also have Jetpack by (latest version 5.0) i…

Sydney Image Widgets No Longer Working

By kate_tully, 14 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Hi, The image widgets on our site are no longer working – we are operating with the Sydney theme and have had no issues in the past. I am not sure what is causing the issue, but we have lost all images, links, and content on several of our pages – including the following:…

Site Pack installation

By Alex K, 8 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Do I understand it right, that by installing a SitePack in my wordpress account, all content, all saved and used pages and pictures etc. will be deleted? Or is the content still be available, I only need to reformate it?

How to delete threads on this community?

By lucidmist, 3 days ago
Hi, How do I delete entire threads of my previous support questions? I would prefer not to have my domain name on the forum, as I did not realise this was a public thread, open to everyone. Thanks!

Missing widgets

By petraman, 4 days ago
Hello. I have an issue. In my administration are missing all of the widgets from SiteOrigin widget bundle. I am not able to chose any of them (headline, SiteOrigin hero, etc) and also there is no chance to display pictures, videos, nothing. WOuld you let me know, what can I do? I tried to deactivate…

Create Theme

By Llewellyn Martin, 5 days ago. Last reply by Llewellyn Martin, 5 days ago
I was looking at the Theme Create and was intrigued by it. Is it a single user license, or can I use it on multiple sites that I build as a designer? Secondly, I like the portfolio options. I was just wondering if it is easy to add multiple pictures to a page like this…

How do I customize the mailpoet fields form?

By slimane, 9 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 7 days ago
Hello, before posting this thread i visited the MailPoet support site but it seems there is no support about CSS questions. Hopefully I will find help here :) Actually, I have a subscription form with first name and email fields but they are one above the other and I want them aligned. I grabbed some…