Error on Instagram Browser SiteOrigin Hero

By Tomas Jeannot, 8 hours ago
I have a problem with the hero siteorigin. Everything is fine if we open the web directly from chrome. Now if I link my page from instagram the top slider is broken. You can not see anything, but if I minimize the web and instantly return it to it, load the images. Take the…

Issue with contact form as a widget

By Chrissie Plunkett, 1 day ago
I’ve created a contact form in WP and assigned it to a widget that should pull through on every page. In development, the form looks correct, but looking at the page in live mode, the form doesn’t pull through correctly and I cannot figure out why? Website is Can anyone help?

Title widget not working

By Svetlana Baranov, 2 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
Hi, I can’t understand. I did not change anything on my site since last working versions and now when I edit my title widget, it disappears from the page. Even small changes like align left, the title is missing. I use only site origin widgets and theme. What could have happen? Thank you, Svetlana

Image Overlay Not Aligned

By Codi Bishop, 4 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 3 days ago
Hi, I am a little confused.. I have added an image overlay and for whatever reason, it isn’t working consistently or accurately. It sometimes does not work at all and other times, the overlay does not display over the image, but elsewhere on the page?? I have no idea how to adjust this. I have…

installed Plugins are not viewable

By Hatti, 11 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 days ago
Hi! I have installed SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. Since that i can not see mey installed Plugins anymore. I am not able to install or deinstall new Plugins neither i am able to update the old ones. When I push the button Plugin I can only see the site of “SiteOrigin WidgetsBundle” Thanks Hatti

Blocks encountered error

By kristynlane89, 8 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 days ago
Hello I had an accordian built on one of my post via Siteorigin widget, I needed to edit the widget but when I went back I received this block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. I accidently deleted it and because it was a global widget I was unable to restore it so…

Problems with recent update – Site Origin CSS / Widget Bundle

By Personalized Marketing Inc, 16 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 11 days ago
Hello, We have been using and loving SiteOrigin for a while now. Sadly, the most recent updates are causing problems with a client’s website. The Widget, Customizer, Themes, Plugins and other areas become unresponsive. After thorough testing and installing a different theme, the problem still exists. We are currently running 5.1.1 on the website. Is…

Yoast Seo miscount the number of words.

By MBylinka, 18 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 16 days ago
Hello, I use Page Builder and Meteorite theme. I recently bought SiteOrigin Premium. Unfortunately, I noticed that Yoast SEO Premium miscount the number of words in my website. I see that Yoast don’t count the words in “accordion” and “tabs” premium widgets. I have all my plugins updated and I’ve enabled option “copy content”. How…