How to remove featured images from posts?

By Mandy Steenbergen, 12 hours ago
Hi, I’m struggling with how to hide featured images in the content of posts, while still showing them on the blog page. Plugins like ‘Hide featured image’ do not work unfortunately. What is the best alternative way for hiding features images within certain posts? Thanks in advance! Mandy

I cannot see the details on a page to edit

By sylviasiteO, 1 month ago. Last reply by sylviasiteO, 13 hours ago
I have been unable to edit one of my pages for over a week. For some reason, the screen to edit it is not there/is not showing. The other pages are ok. The front end is visible. I was able to edit the page, briefly, for a short time, then it disappeared and did not…

Logo + Site Title

By AVWebmaster, 1 day ago
Can these 2 go on together in Vantage theme? I did find a thread posted 3 years ago that said that was not doable without CSS and I did not find anything in customization. Surely that has been added somewhere since then, right? How is it done? Thanks

Mailchimp PopUP Code Issue

By Michele Stohen, 7 days ago. Last reply by Michele Stohen, 1 day ago
Hi, I’m using the Vantage theme with page builder and wanting to add the new GDPR approved Mailchimp popup form code to the footer. After adding the code using an HTML widget in the footer and updating –it strips all hero images and/or banners off the pages! Does anybody know how to use the code…

Search Results Pagination Error

By bikermanirl, 1 day ago
There is a pagination error on the search results using the Vantage themr. There appears to be additional code added to the URL. (#038;submit=Search) The URL for the second page of results looks like this;submit=Search&paged=2 When I changed to Everything works fine. Any idea what could be causing this?

Page body not responsive – help!

By In2Blues, 3 days ago. Last reply by In2Blues, 2 days ago
I have searched for help with this but can’t find a solution. I’m using Vantage free theme and I love it. The header, slider, footer, mobile menu, all work fine. However, the body of the page is a mess when viewed on my phone. The page title goes to 2 lines (which is fine) but…

Just 7 menu items availeble

By arbmil, 2 days ago
Hello, I’m using Vantage theme and I have a problem with the menu. When I make 8 items I just see 7 items. When I make the 7 menu item a item with 3 submenu items I just see 1. When I place this in position 2 I become the 3 items I want. Can…

Please help me with these features..

By Karin Tromp, 2 days ago
Hi, i am using your theme and 2 things i cannot figure out. I was hoping on some help if possible.. – How can i remove the search button on the right? – the site origin contact form i cannot get working. so now i use contact form 7 but that is not as pretty…

Booking Calendar

By mikegropper, 3 days ago
HI, I am looking for booking calendar that is compatible with the “”Vantage Theme.” for my cooking classes that is free. Is there any recommendations. Thank you Michael

Glassy Header

By Jayzed, 3 days ago
looking to achieve a glassy, dark opacity header with vantage theme. similar to this: Anyone got a tested solution? Thanks

Vantage Header – Text

By Robby Unstoppable, 4 days ago. Last reply by Robby Unstoppable, 4 days ago
I noticed this full width image with text over it on the Vantage demo page… How is this effect achieved? I have the meta slider installed but it wont let me put text over the top of it like this? any help would be appreciated! Many thanks rob

Google Console: Error 400 wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

By JaviP, 8 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 days ago
Dear all, Sorry for my English. I have checked the Google Console and for several days I have an error 400. Google Console says (if my traslation is right) “The Google robot can’t access to this page because the server didn’t understand the sintaxis of the request.” Could you please tell me any solution? Thanks…

Adding font’s to dropdowns in customiser

By Alex Tovey (Monster IT Services Ltd), 4 days ago
Hi, We’ve got some font’s which we’ve uploaded to our server. At the moment i’ve manualy added it to the css file using @font-face Is it possible for the customizer to show these font’s like you have for all the other ones? Alex.