Vantage Collapsing Homepage Menu

By huebi, 10 hours ago
Hello all is it possible to make (maybe with sitebuilder) a collapsing homepage menu like: Eighties if yes, how? thank you :) rolf

Missing widgets

By petraman, 4 days ago
Hello. I have an issue. In my administration are missing all of the widgets from SiteOrigin widget bundle. I am not able to chose any of them (headline, SiteOrigin hero, etc) and also there is no chance to display pictures, videos, nothing. WOuld you let me know, what can I do? I tried to deactivate…


Hello, I read several other discussions on this topic but none of them brought a solution. I have a constant error message, after moving my page with duplicator and then updating the plugin (had a quite old version before). I don’t know if the error is caused by moving the page or by updating the…

Page Builder Has Disappeared

By TY2017-WP, 15 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 8 days ago
Hi been away from my site for a couple of weeks, come back to it today to continue building it and find that Page Builder has disappeared and my pages no longer look the same. I am new to WordPress so I don’t know what to do please help many thanks