Wrong Space between cells

By covalenciawebs, 14 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 hours ago
I have this plugins for years, and in the last updates I have seen that the space between cells is wrong and puts the space in the right of each cell, leaving a white space in the right of last cell. Because it's horrible and i can't use this plugin with this.

box size

By John H Merlo, 10 hours ago
On this website http://emgrefunds.com the boxes below where it says Here’s what people are saying about us they are not the same height this is what I have in for css * { height: 400px; } which I think you sent me but is not working now? Any help? Thanks John

pagebuilder formidable connection lost

By icomp, 6 days ago. Last reply by icomp, 16 hours ago
hi, when I place a formidable view shortcode in a pagebuilder page with any test/html widget wordpress will crash with the page error saying lost connection. using latest: mamp free version pagebuilder formidable wordpress Is there a way to get past this issue so I can continue to use the two plugins together? thnx