huge blue rows??

By Robert van Tilborg, 2 days ago
after updating some plugins i now got huge blue row’s! where does this this come from??? tried disabling plugins etc etc nothing works out… what the hell is going on??? (using sydney theme)

site origin not responsive in my website

By saudou, 3 days ago
Hello, I like using site origin page builder, and i thank you for this nice plugin. However, on my website, it appears that it is not responsive on mobile, and i should use a special plugin to make it responsive. Maybe it is a mistake on my side, as it should be responsive according…

Page Builder problems

By suefreer, 4 days ago. Last reply by suefreer, 3 days ago
I am having problems where when I try to edit a page on my WordPress site, I now see all my code as text. If I click on “PageBuilder” it asks if I want to transfer the contents to Page Builder. If I say yes, I have lost all the formatting – eg. Font and…

Page content left aligned

By Samhollis, 3 days ago
I have built a new page using siteorigin. I am quite new to the builder. I have found the entire page is off centre to the left. Page: Any ideas why that might be? Content centre aligned is ticked in every row In the design menu of the text widget content alignment is centre.…