Full page

By John H Merlo, 20 hours ago
I would like to have a full color across the whole page below the four images on this website: http://e62.61f.myftpupload.com/ Is that possible? Can I use divs or sections somewhere to separate different sections so I can add a full page color to that section or div? John

Fittext appears to have no effect

I’m using SiteOrigin North with SiteOrigin PageBuilder. I’m trying to make a SiteOrigin Headline use FitText. I have checked the box “Use FitText” but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. The headline does appear on the page, but it is not being resized to fill the available width. I can also see that the “so-widget-fittext-wrapper”…

conflict with Smeta plugin

I met a litter problem when useing a SMETA plugin with that at same time, Visiable-edit-frame of Wordpress is blank, only can see contents in text-edit-frame. SMETA is must-have plugin of the theme to get must-have function.

Some noob questions

By SanPedro, 2 days ago
Page Builder seems pretty good in this respect, in not having to pay for anything actually useful. I've used themes in the past that have different templates for shop pages, blog, about us, contact tec.

Site doesn’t updates after saving chnages

By carrie, 2 days ago
Hello I’ve identified that the problem on the site is the pagebuilder by site origin plugin. I disabled all plug ins, and with only site origin activated the changes still didn’t save. I have cleared cache, reinstalled plug in and everything is up to date. This is the site: Corporate Security and Risk Assessment Your…

padding and margins between widgets

By Pat Wright, 2 days ago
I have wracked my brain trying to figure out how to tighten up the padding and margins in pagebuilder. For example please see this page About JTM Nutrients Nothing I have done reduces the space between the content (widgets) and the menu and footer. any help greatly appreciated.