Mero to SiteOrigin PageBuilder

By Ypsi22, 1 day ago. Last reply by Ypsi22, 4 hours ago

Hi, We recently have tried to migrate from Mero PageBuilder (which seems to be a fork from SiteOrigins Page Builder in its version 1.4 or earlier) to SiteOrigin PageBuilder. To do that, we have overwritten the widgets from: meropagebuilderwidgetswidgets to siteorigin-panelswidgetswidgets. (sorry, it’s NOT because we didn’t like your widgets) And we didn’t loose any […]

Google Map no longer support Json?

By jenstarr, 23 hours ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 23 hours ago

My question is in regards to this thread I too am having the same issue. But you used to be able to add raw JSON “aka snazzy maps code” and that’s not working anymore. The related thread is 15 days old and still doesn’t have an answer, will this be resolved soon?

No contents if javascript disabled

By centaure, 1 day ago

Hello, I have a huge problem with the Page Builder for SEO ! Indeed all my pages using Page Builder and the content appears with a fade effect . So the content is displayed using javascript! This is a huge mistake to SEO level because google does not read javascript! I wish I could turn […]

Page Builder with TinyMCE Widget

By so_user_726, 1 day ago

I’ve been having issues creating posts and pages with Page Builder. Specifically, when creating a new page, with any type of widget (i.e. single row/column with Text widget), the contents will not save. The structure will, however. I’ve determined the issue is with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. When this plug-in is deactivated, I’m able to […]

Page Builder text shows on iPhone but not on computer!

By fltrish, 2 days ago

I’ve just added Page Builder plugin to my site and created a page. Good News: On my iPhone, I can view the page, borders and text. Bad News: On my computer (Macbook), I can view the page, borders and NO text. I want the text to appear on all devices. Please help! URL:

SiteOriging pagebuilder widget not working

By Chiel Oude Breuil, 2 days ago

Hi, Im coding my own theme at the moment, and I love using Pagebuilder. But now, unfortunately it isn’t working, im using the pagebuilder in my footer area. So I use the widget inside that area, but all the columns get a 100% width and dont go next to each other. For example I choose […]

Problems when Publishing or Saving Drafts

By WSFRSouthFloridaRock, 2 days ago

Good day! I hope I can find a way to correct this issue as I really like this plugin. It makes life a lot easier. Anyway, what’s happening is that I start designing my page and if I go to publish or save a draft, it moves all of the content into the TEXT editor. […]

Custom Row Id

By Kevin Brooks, 1 year ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 3 days ago

Page Builder looks great so far, but I’d like to be able to link directly to rows from my site’s navigation. Is there a way to add a custom ID to a row so that I can reference it as a link anchor?

Page Builder 2 & WP-Members

By ChrisA, 7 months ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 5 days ago

I note from other threads and from personal experience that Page Builder and WP-Members do not co-exist (blocked pages are not blocked by WP-Members if built with Page Builder). Can you advise if this will be resolved as part of Page Builder 2 development? If YES I will make do with a quick and dirty […]

Thumbnails for prebuilt templates preview

By abzence, 5 days ago. Last reply by Greg Priday, 5 days ago

This is a feature request to add the ability to have thumbnails/icons to represent your prebuilt templates/layouts. This way it can be easier for clients to understand exactly what they can expect from a template. It can be hard to understand that using just a title and description. I’m talking about the menu that pops […]