doing things with shortcodes

By Michael Mossey, 9 minutes ago
I’m fairly new to WordPress, and bewildered by the options. However, I’m an experienced programmer, so I can pick up on technical things quickly. Last year I purchased a SiteOrigin Premium license, but let it expire. I’m trying to compare SiteOrigin options to other options and see if I want to renew it. As a…

Gap at bottom of row

By Peregrine, 4 hours ago
There is a 7px gap at the bottom of the content in my row. I’ve placed an image using the SiteOrigin Image widget and the same image using the WP image widget. The gap is under both and there is no padding or margin that I can find when I inspect the code. Here is…

Remove SiteOrigin Page Builder News

By GBOT4001, 7 hours ago
Hi, The issue I am having is that I have a widget appearing on the Dashboard named SiteOrigin Page Builder News (so-dashboard-news) which I need to be removed as it is showing for every user including subscribers. I have tried removing this through a functions.php code but this did not work and I cannot seem…

Cell Styles Design don’t work

By WeAreGRID, 11 hours ago. Last reply by WeAreGRID, 11 hours ago
We have been trying to set a row with 2 columns. One of the column has an image and the second column has some text in it. While trying to change background color in Cell Design to different than white nothing is happening. The same apply to all remaining setting is Cell / Desing section.

2 columns in one row with different background colours

By Simon Cooper, 11 hours ago this example is very clear, we tried this on a base installation and it simply does not work. Setting a simply background colour on one of the columns does nothing. We are also experience, any other very basic actions that simply do not work, the page building seems extremely erratic and without logic on…

New page / new Post error

By Ruz Estudio, 3 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Hello! I have an issue with the plugin, when i try to make a new post/page the site does not finish loading. When I deactivate de plug-in “PageBuilder by Site Origin” the problem is fixed. but i need to activate de plugin to edit and publish. The error is “Failed to load resource: the server…

Layout builder vanished after switch to HTTPS

By martinphilpot, 4 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
I recently switched my site to using HTTPS and updated all my internal URLs using the velvet blues search & replace – now I find the layout builder tab in wordpress has comepletely vanished. Anyone have any ideas on what has happened or how to get it back? I have already emptied my cache and…

Blank Screen When Loading Pages

By Matthew Stenson, 4 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Whenever I try to edit a page on my site built with page builder I just get a blank page. I upgraded to php7 and tried removing and readding the plugin. I’m still stuck with a blank screen. If I remove the plugin the page loads normally.

Remove background on mobile

By Jiří Dejmek, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 day ago
Hello, I’m using Pagebuilder in my Impreza WordPress Theme, where is pagebuilder included. I need to remove background in all rows, just on mobile. Here is my website: Please, can you help me how to remove background in Impreza PageBuilder? Thank you.