Changing the background color in a widget

By debweb, 6 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 hour ago
Hello, I am using Page Builder in Word Press and the theme Extra. I have created a row, added a SiteOrigin Editor widget. I am trying to change the background color in the design-background color area. The button does not allow me to choose a new color. I have been using your products for years…

Panel-Stretch miscalculating negative margins

By antwortzeit, 1 hour ago
Hey guys, i’m having trouble with the panel stretching on a new client website. The jQuery does calculate, but misses for example the left margin completely – so the whole panel gets offset. Please give me a private email address so i can add you as an admin user. Thanks a lot! Best, Christian

Couple of annoyances with Page Builder

By willowen100, 9 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 hours ago
Hi everyone I have the Sydney Pro theme from and I believe it is packaged with SiteOrigin bundle. I love how the functionality of it but I have some slight annoyances I’m hoping I can remove. The first problem I have is under EditRow > Row Styles > Design *Widget title color *Headings color…

Visual editor problem

By Rob-SO, 3 days ago. Last reply by Rob-SO, 18 hours ago
Using all the latest versions of Word Press and Site Origin Page Builder/Widget Bundle, I’m a bit confounded as to why the TinyMCE Advanced editor does not appear when I am editing a SiteOrigin Editor widget. For a page not using page builder, here is what visual mode looks like: For a page using…

Page Builder issue with Safari on two column layout

By Peter Farkaš, 22 hours ago
Hello, I have this strange issue that some blog posts are shown correctly and some are displayed only with 1 column layout on Safari, for example: Displays fine in two column: Domáci hroznový sirup Displays as one column even that both posts are created in the same layout (two columns): Nadýchané americké palacinky This issue…

premium purchase question

By ThemeBuddies, 3 days ago. Last reply by ThemeBuddies, 1 day ago
Are there any plans to finish the tutorials section of the site? I would like to learn how to build custom widgets within the page builder and a complete tutorial would help in that regard. If I were to purchase a premium account, would that include email support if I were to pose questions on…

Does nextpage work with Page Builder?

By Martin Mekatrig, 8 days ago. Last reply by Martin Mekatrig, 1 day ago
Hi. Does nextpage (if I put the brackets around it my post is rejected as spam) work with page builder? I want to break some of my longer posts and pages into multiple pages. The standard WP way of doing this is to insert nextpage into the text where you want a new page to…

Adding additional options to post loop query

By kwkirchner, 1 day ago. Last reply by kwkirchner, 1 day ago
Currently I have my post loop on the main page to only pull posts from ‘cat=2,3,4,5’ but I would also like to exclude any posts that are also tagged for my Archive category (ID 21). How can I accomplish this? I cleared the “additional query” box by adding the 4 categories into the Taxonomy section,…

Yoast No Works (Dec 2017)

By EDW-Dsk, 10 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 days ago
Hi, I found threads like this ““, this one “” and finally this: “” (still Existing a lot of more…). All of them threads looks like the problem with Yoast plugin was resolved, but now on december 2017 this is not real. Im working 3 different projects with Yoast and Site Origin Page Builder in…