Page Builder by SiteOrigin not working

By Lauren Noëlle Gauthier, 7 hours ago
Hi Greg, I found your contact information on the SupportForum for SiteOrigin. I’m having trouble with my pagebuilder plugin on my wordpress site: I installed the Page Builder a couple years ago and uploaded a bunch of content, but now when I go back and try and add more content, I’m not able to…

Page Builder not working

By christy, 10 hours ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 7 hours ago
Just installed Page Builder but there are issues. Can set up rows etc. But when I change content and update: Changes aren’t saved and it reverts to the original It returns to the TEXT tag even though I was using the VISUAL tag. Where I have entered a Return in the text for a new…

Special characters in titles

By ricardo06, 3 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 15 hours ago
Hello, I am using the site Origin editor. I would like to insert special characters like unbreakable space or else in the title part of my text. If I do so, the special character codes are displayed (not taken into account). Is there a way to do this ? Many thanks Richard

Widget button not working – all other plugins disabled

By Adam Desrosiers, 1 day ago
I am unable to edit SiteOrigin Page Builder buttons, such as the one on this page: The site is running WordFence, but I have disabled all plugins except the page builder and widgets bundle and still get the same error. Besides this, WordFence is not installed on the staging copy of the site and…

are there any recommendations for page builder

By Thomas Högg, 22 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 1 day ago
Hi I googled a bit an looked around this site, but could not find any recommendations for WP and servers. Our customer uses a “bit” old system: WordPress-Version: 5.1.1; PHP-Version: 5.4.45 We also use the Classic Editor. So I have damaged interfaces in the Editors, for example no title-field and so on… Today I deactivated…

Layout Builder Id field

By tsc_marketing, 3 days ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 2 days ago
The layout builder is fantastic for building complex pages, but the admin side has no easy way to determine what each section is for. For example: This layout is building this page: It would be nice to have a visual only id field added to the Layout Builder widget that allows us to…

Editing in SiteOrigin Editor messes up entire row

By Lisa Swallow, 11 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 4 days ago
My site uses Vantage Theme plus SiteOrigin Page Builder The page content is a single row with two columns. The left column contains various navigation-related widgets that create a single-page sidebar. The right column contains the SiteOrigin Editor. The page worked great yesterday. Today I changed one character in the text in the right column.…

Soft errors

By TomM, 6 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 6 days ago
I continue to get these messages from WordPress… “WordPress has caught an error with one of your plugins, Page Builder by SiteOrigin (ShuttleThemes compatible). First, visit your website ( and check for any visible issues. Next, visit the page where the error was caught ( and check for any visible issues.” I’ve checked that page…

“Revert to Editor” lost page design

By David Yang, 8 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 6 days ago
This is where tech & business collide Technology has never been more important in our fast-paced, growing world. Careers in technology may extend beyond the reaches of software development, and include a variety of industries such as consulting, retail, healthcare, telecom, financial services, and many others. With this in mind, the Business Technology Association was…

Seo Pictures/Photo

By Sandrik, 7 days ago. Last reply by Aaron Evans, 7 days ago
I have BIG problem with your plagin. I have nearly 1500 photos and your plagin doesnt write automatically alt from pages where these pictures pubished. Really, I cant understand why did you do this? Will be better to write automatically that alts and titles for pictures which they were wrote on page, and if someone…