Pagebuilder & wordpress theme Twenty Seventeen

By Kim Larsen, 5 hours ago
Hi. I´m normally a happy user of Pagebuilder, but at the moment I´m tearing my hair out of my head. On : you can see two of my problems. 1. The space between the rows are quit big. I have tried to insert this code : into the extra css option in Twenty Seventeen,…

Hero Feature: Video Not Playing

By Multimastery, 14 days ago. Last reply by Multimastery, 1 day ago
Hello, I am just testing out this page builder and so far it seems to work great. I am testing out the Hero feature now, and although I was able learn how to set an image with no problem, when I tried to do the same for video, I got it set and everything shows…

How to align header button to the right?

By luisaccardoso, 2 days ago
Hello. I’m trying to align my header button to the right, so my menu links can show up in line, not one under the other as it is now. Would you me able to help me? My website: Thanks in advance.

Feature Widgets not working

By Bendy Koh, 4 days ago. Last reply by Bendy Koh, 2 days ago
Dear SiteOrigin Team, I have added the features widgets and it looks good when previewing the widget itself. However, when I preview the changes on the page itself, the features widget did not pop up. I have already tried disabling the other plugins and it is still not displayed. The site is it is…

share buttons

By bernd8a, 3 days ago
Hello, I use vantage premium and pagebuilder(newest version, everything up dated); if I activate Post Sharing in Theme Settings I see only the G+ icon and not the others (fb, tw, …) ? thank you + best regards Bernd

Buttons not aligned on mobile site

By beauchampallotments, 9 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 3 days ago
Vantage site. I am quite a novice at this, but would appreciate some help on my buttons. They look fine on a desktop view but are misaligned when I look on a mobile phone. They work fine on my AGM page, but are squished on the plotholder page. I have looked to see what the…