attachment imges problem

By 78Rus, 4 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 2 hours ago
When activate Page Builder by SiteOrigin disappears the ability to attach images to any post/pages. You can upload image trough the Add media but it not will attach to post. Similarly the Uploading to this post drop-down list function is lost too. I installed a clean WordPress (Version 4.9.4) + Page Builder by SiteOrigin (ONLY…

Custom Icon Controls in Feature Widget

By Steve Mallinson, 5 hours ago
I am trying to add a custom icon using the Features widget but having troubles sizing the icon so that it fits the container neatly. If I understood this correctly, I upload my icon to the media library and select it using the Icon Image settings. Now, which image size do I select in the…

Hero video no longer stretched

By Alyssa Diaz, 11 hours ago
Before the 2.6.2. update, my hero video was stretched the full width of the screen. No changes were made since the update. Now it’s only 60% of the screen and can’t be stretched at all. I can’t rollback to the previous version because the Developer tab was removed. Please help, thanks.

Change Cell Percentage for tablet

By Vincent Moreau, 15 hours ago
Hi! I’d like to change cell width to 100% on tablet. It automatically use 100% on mobile but not on tablet. I know there is an option in Layout for tablet but it collapse into two Cell per row. I’d like Cell to collapse to 1 per row ( 100% width each ) on tablet.…