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Posts Slider

The SiteOrigin Corp posts slider makes use of the Jetpack Featured Content module. Alternatively, the posts slider can be used on any page via the SiteOrigin Post Loop widget.

Featured Content allows users to spotlight their posts and have them uniquely displayed by a theme. The content is intended to be displayed on a blog’s front page; by using the module consistently in this manner, users are given a reliable Featured Content experience on which they can rely even when switching themes.

If you’d like a slider on blog home page that features your posts and their featured images, follow the steps below.

Required Plugin

If you don’t yet have Jetpack installed, go to PluginsAdd New and search for Jetpack. Install, activate, and connect the plugin to your WordPress.com account as instructed.

Setup the Slider

Go to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsBlog and enable the Jetpack Featured Content slider on blog home page setting.

Next, use the Customizer back button twice to go back to the Customizer settings home page. Click the Featured Content section to manage those settings. The slider works by looking for a specific post tag name. In the
Tag name
field you can search for a post tag of your choosing or enter a new tag name. In this example, we’ll enter the tag name Featured.

The options below the tag field are:

Hide tag from displaying in post meta and tag clouds.
This option will exclude the chosen tag name from showing in the post meta (list of tags below each post) and in the tag cloud widget.

Display tag content in all listings.
This option excludes the posts you’ve chosen from your slider from the normal blog list.

Choose Slider Posts to Display

Finally, select posts to display as featured content in the slider. Go to Posts in your WordPress main menu and click on a post you’d like to use. Locate the Tags meta box in the right column. Add the tag name that was entered in the Featured Content tag field in the Customizer. Repeat this process for each post you’d like to feature.

Each post selected must have a featured image. The Set featured image link can be found in the right column when editing each post.

Using the Posts Slider on Any Page

It’s possible to insert the Posts Slider on any page using Page Builder by SiteOrigin and the Post Loop widget. With Page Builder activated, go your desired page, click on the Page Builder tab and click the Insert Widget button. The Page Builder tab will be visible if you’re using the Classic Editor. If you’d prefer to use the Block Editor you can insert a SiteOrigni Layout Block. Next, search for and insert the Post Loop widget. Finally, select the Posts Slider from the Template dropdown menu. To insert your posts feed below the slider, insert a second Post Loop widget and choose one of Corp’s blog layouts as the template.

The page selected as your Posts page at SettingsReading doesn’t display content inserted in the page, it only displays your posts. If you’d like to use Page Builder on your selected Posts page, first deselect the page at SettingsReading.

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