Corp offers two menu locations, the header menu located to the right of the site/title logo and the footer menu, located on the right side of the bottom bar.

Header Menu

To assign a custom menu you’ve created to this location go to AppearanceMenusManage Locations.

To completely remove the header menu, go to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsNavigationHeader Menu. To remove the header search icon, go to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsNavigationMenu SearchSearch.

Adding a Menu Button

To add a button to the header menu, follow these steps:

1. Go to AppearanceMenus and select the menu assigned to the Header Menu location.
2. Click Screen Options top right of the screen and ensure the CSS Classes checkbox is enabled.
3. Insert a Custom Link into your menu, enter the URL and Link Text required.
4. Once your Custom Link has been inserted into the menu, edit it and locate the CSS Classes (optional) field.
5. In the CSS Classes field, insert the class name:


Changing Drop Down Menu Direction

By default drop down menus appear to the right of their parent menu item. Right alignment can be an issue for menu items close to the end of the screen, causing items to disappear off the edge of the screen. To change the direction of a drop down menu, follow these steps:

Go to AppearanceMenus and click Screen Options top right. Under Show advanced menu properties enable CSS classes.

Locate a drop down parent menu item and click the down arrow next to the menu item name.

Go to the CSS Classes (optional) field and enter the following:


Sub-menu items of the parent item with the CSS class will now display to the left instead of right.

The footer menu appears in the bottom bar on the right. To assign a custom menu you’ve created to this location go to AppearanceMenusManage Locations.

To add social network icons to the bottom bar, go to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooterEdit Widget. The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin must be installed and activated to view this option.

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