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Demo Home Page

If you’d like to use the Corp demo home page as a starting point for one of your pages, follow these steps:

1. Ensure Page Builder by SiteOrigin and the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugins are installed and activated.

2. Go to Pages, edit the page you’d like to use (or create a new page) and click on the Page Builder tab next to the Visual and Text tabs.

3. Within Page Builder, click the Layouts button. The layouts window will open on Theme Defined layouts, click the Home layout and then the Insert button (bottom right).

Page Settings

The demo home page prebuilt layout unfortunately won’t adjust your page settings to the required states. To set your page up like the demo home page, locate the Page Settings meta box in the right column when editing the page and adjust your settings as follows:

Page Layout: Set to No Sidebar.
Header Overlap: Set to Enabled – Light Text.
Header Bottom Margin: Disable.
Footer Top Margin: Disable.

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