Navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsWooCommerce to edit the theme’s WooCommerce settings. This setting section is conditional and will only be available when the WooCommerce plugin is activated.

The below settings can be used to adjust some of the display elements that are under the theme’s control. To fully setup your WooCommerce store, go to WooCommerceSettings and AppearanceCustomizeWooCommerce.

Shop Sidebar Position
Choose the shop sidebar position. Defaults to right, can also be set to left. The Shop widget area is available at AppearanceWidgets or AppearanceCustomizeWidgets.

Product Gallery
Choose from the following product image gallery combinations:

  • Gallery Slider
  • Gallery Slider + Lightbox
  • Gallery Slider + Zoom
  • Gallery Slider + Lightbox + Zoom

Optimising Corp and WooCommerce

Archive Pages

If you’d like to change the layout (choose to use a sidebar or no sidebar) of the shop and category pages of your store, please see the guide to using Page Template Settings in the Customizer.

Cart, Checkout, My Account and Order Tracking

The above pages aren’t officially WooCommerce pages and are set up by inserting the corresponding shortcode into the page.

For the Cart and Checkout pages specifically, we recommend using the No Sidebar page setting in order to keep your users focus on completing their purchase.