Navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter to edit the theme’s footer settings.

Footer Text
{sitename} and {year} can be used to display your website title and the current year.

These are tags that when inserted into the Footer Text field will display the information linked to them. {site-title} will display the Site Title as set at SettingsGeneral. {year} will display the current year.

This field is suited for any additional information you’d like displayed below the footer widgets such as copyright information. If required, a link can be inserted using HTML:

<a href="">SiteOrigin</a>

Privacy Policy Link
If a Privacy Policy page has been selected at SettingsPrivacy, it’ll automatically be displayed in the footer text. To remove the Privacy Policy link from the footer text, go to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter and disable the Privacy Policy Link setting.

Hide SiteOrigin Attribution
Hide the SiteOrigin link in your footer. Available as a theme addon module in SiteOrigin Premium.

Add social icons to bottom bar menu.
Add social icons to the right of the footer bottom bar using the SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons widget. This setting requires that the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is installed and activated. Go to PluginsAdd New and search for SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle to install and then activate.

Widget Title Color
Set the footer widget title color.

Widget Text Color
Set the widget text color.

Widget Link Color
Set the footer widget link color.

Widget Link Hover Color
Set the footer widget link hover color.

Widget Background Color
Set the footer widget area background color. This area will only show if you have widgets added to the footer widget area. If you don’t only the bottom bar will display.

Bottom Bar Text Color
Set the bottom bar text color.

Bottom Bar Link Color
Set the bottom bar link color.

Bottom Bar Link Hover Color
Set the bottom bar link hover color.

Bottom Bar Background Color
Set the background color of the bottom bar below the footer widget area.

Footer Padding
Set the footer widget area top and bottom padding.

Footer Top Margin
Footer top margin. The space between the footer and content.

Bottom Bar Padding
Bottom bar top and bottom padding.

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