Navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsHeader to edit the theme’s header settings.

Header Design

Unwind’s header design options make this theme truly versatile. Choose between four different layout options.

Menu above header
Menu below header
Menu centered below header
Menu inline with logo

Menu social icons

Social menu icons can be added to the right of the menu bar. If the header search icon is enabled, the social icons will appear to the left of the search icon. To add social icons, the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin must first be installed and activated. If you don’t have the Widgets Bundle installed, go to PluginsAdd New and use the search bar in the top right to search for Widgets Bundle. Install and activate. Once that’s done you’ll be able to add social icons to the menu.

Click the Edit Widget button to begin.

Add Networks

Click the Add button to add your first social icon.

Choose the social network from the drop-down list.
Enter the URL to your social network page. For example, if we were adding a Twitter icon for SiteOrigin, we’d insert the following URL: https://twitter.com/siteorigin.

Select an Icon color and an icon Background color. These settings are optional.

Repeat the above process for as many social icons as required.

Icon Design and Layout

Open the Design and Layout section if you’d like to edit overall styles.

Open in a new window
Enabled by default. Use this setting to control whether or not your social links open in a new window/tab.

Button theme
Select a button theme. Choose from Atom, Flat or Wire. Atom has a rounded effect which Flat removes. Wire removes the background color and only uses a border.

Use hover effects
For the Atom and Flat themes, hover effects will lighten the background slightly, for the Wire theme, the background will be added on hover.

Icon size
Choose between Normal, Medium, Large and Extra Large for your icon size.

Set the button corner rounding. Defaults to Slightly rounded. Choose between None, Slightly rounded, Very rounded or Completely rounded.

Padding is the distance between the text and the edge of the button. Defaults to Medium. Choose between Low, Medium, High or Very high.

Align the entire button on the page. Defaults to center. Choose between the following options: Left, Right, Center or Justify.

Margin sets the distance between each network icon. Choose between Low, Medium, High and Very high.

Header Padding

Top and bottom header padding. Defaults to 60px.

Bottom Margin

The margin below the header. Defaults to 80px.