Navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsHeader to edit the theme’s header settings.

Header Design

Unwind’s header design options make this theme truly versatile. Choose between four different layout options.

Menu above header
Menu below header
Menu centered below header
Menu inline with logo

Menu Social Icons

Social menu icons can be added to the right of the menu bar. If the header search icon is enabled, the social icons will appear to the left of the search icon. To add social icons, the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin must first be installed and activated. If you don’t have the Widgets Bundle installed, go to PluginsAdd New and use the search bar in the top right to search for Widgets Bundle. Install and activate. Once that’s done you’ll be able to add social icons to the menu.

Click the Edit Widget button to begin. For more on how to use the Social Media Buttons Widget, please, see the Social Media Buttons Widget documentation.

Header Padding

Top and bottom header padding. Defaults to 60px.

Bottom Margin

The margin below the header. Defaults to 80px.

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