Advanced Customizations

Below you’ll find advanced customizations that aren’t included in theme settings. PHP customizations can either be added to a child theme functions.php file or by using the plugin Code Snippets. If you’d like to add a function using Code Snippets:

  1. Install and active the plugin, Code Snippets.
  2. Go to SnippetsImport.
  3. Import the function provided in the form of a JSON file. A JSON file is provided with each function below. Right click and Save As to download.

Change Page Settings Defaults

Using the below function you can adjust the page settings defaults. For example, if you’d like to set new posts and pages to default to Layout: No Sidebar, you could use the following function:

function siteorigin_unwind_child_alter_page_setting_defaults( $defaults, $type, $id ) {
	$defaults['layout'] = 'no-sidebar';

	return $defaults;
add_filter( 'siteorigin_page_settings_defaults', 'siteorigin_unwind_child_alter_page_setting_defaults', 15, 3 );

To view the available settings and values, please see the page-settings.php file on GitHub.

Code Snippets Import File
Page Settings Defaults. Unzip the JSON file before importing into Code Snippets.