Navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsFooter to edit the theme’s footer settings

Footer Text
{sitename} can be inserted to output your WordPress site name. {year} can be inserted to output the current year. The footer text field supports text and basic HTML. This means that links can be inserted. Reference article on HTML links can be found here.

Constrain the footer width. When disabled, the footer will take up the full-screen width.

Top Padding
The padding at the top of the footer before the footer border. Defaults to 80px.

Side Padding
The footer side padding. Applies if the footer width is not constrained. Defaults to 40px.

Top Margin
The footer top margin. Defaults to 80px.


Privacy Policy Page Link
If you’ve added a privacy policy page you can go to SettingsPrivacy and select your policy page using the Change your Privacy Policy page setting. Once selected, a link to your privacy policy will be automatically added to the footer text. To remove your privacy page from the footer text, deselect your page from the Change your Privacy Policy page setting.