If WooCommerce is activated you can navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsWooCommerce to edit the theme’s WooCommerce settings.

Product Gallery
Choose the product gallery to be used on the single post page.

  • Gallery Slider
  • Gallery Slider + Lightbox
  • Gallery Slider + Zoom
  • Gallery Slider + Lightbox + Zoom

Number of Products per Row
Set the number of products per row on shop archive pages.

Display Quick View button on hover
Enable or disable the WooCommerce Quick View button that appears when hovering over the product image on the shop and archive pages.

Display Cart
Display WooCommerce cart in the main menu.

Shop Sidebar Position
Set the shop sidebar position. Defaults to right. The sidebar will only appear if widgets have been added to the Shop widget area found at AppearanceWidgets.