Navigate to AppearanceCustomizeTheme SettingsBranding to edit the theme’s branding settings.

Use the Select File button to choose a logo to display in your theme header. Unwind also supports the core logo setting found at AppearanceCustomizeSite IdentityLogo.

Retina Logo
A double sized logo to use on retina devices. If your normal logo is 100px x 100px your retina logo should be 200px x 200px.

Site Description
Show your site description below your site title or logo. This setting is disabled by default.

Display SiteOrigin Attribution
Choose if the link to SiteOrigin is displayed in your footer. This opinion is available as part of the Footer Attribution addon in SiteOrigin Premium.

Accent Color
The color used for links and various other accents.

Dark Accent Color
The color used for link hovers and various other accents.

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