The delivery method breaks when using your plugin

By Сергей Хомутов, 9 months ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 9 months ago
Greetings. When using your plugin: the delivery method – pickup – stops working for me. As soon as I select the pick-up delivery method, a list of stores should appear where I can pick up my order. But when processing an AJAX request, the selector with the store is cut out from the site. But…

Can’t update

By socalcomic, 9 months ago. Last reply by SiteOrigin, 9 months ago
it seems page builder plugin when installed is not allowing me to save and update pages. any idea why? Using WP 6.3.1 PHP 8.0. This just started a couple weeks ago

Error theme corp con plugins Widgets Bundle

By ENZO MENESES, 10 months ago. Last reply by SiteOrigin, 10 months ago
Hola ayuda estoy utilizando el theme Corp y al momento de activar plugins Widgets Bundle esto me bloquea la personalizar el theme mostrandome el siguiente mensaje. “Error Interno del Servidor El servidor encontró un error interno o una mala configuración y no pudo completar su solicitud. Por favor comuníquese con el administrador del servidor a…


By Christian Volmering, 10 months ago. Last reply by SiteOrigin, 10 months ago
Wo kann man das Website-Icon einstellen? Bis jetzt wird dort das Icon von WordPress angezeigt. Leider finde ich die Einstellung nicht. MFG. Volmering Where to set the website icon? Until now the icon of wordpress is displayed there. Unfortunately I can’t find the setting. MFG. Volmering

Which Title to use?

By PuertoRicoByGPS, 10 months ago. Last reply by SiteOrigin, 10 months ago
Hi: I’m new to PageBuilder. I’m putting together a landing page using several SiteOrigin Editors. The page already has a title field that’s full. That causes my page’s URL to be “sitename.com/psagetitle”. Each SiteOrigin Editor has a title field, but if I fill that field in the top Editor the page ends up with two…

Video widget Playback speed

By Archie Worthington, 10 months ago. Last reply by Andrew Misplon, 10 months ago
Good morning all, I’ve been trying to add a setting on the video widget to allow the user to adjust the playback speed of a video. Is this possible with SiteOrigin, and if not, is there a better way I could get around to adding it? Thanks for all your support.

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