Double dropdown menu arrows

By dkerrbrown, 5 days ago
I noticed friday on my website that the menu has double dropdown menu arrows that haven’t been there before. How do I get rid of these? I disabled and re-enabled my plugins one by one to see if there was an issue with a plugin but couldn’t seem to find the issue.

Pagebuilder Widgets Not Loading,

By emroller16, 5 days ago
I am running version 2.5.14 of Site Origin by page builder and for some reason my widgets are not working. I can open widgets, but the widgets will get stuck loading. I can’t access the text within widgets or the CSS/customization styles on the right. I have tried deactivating my plugins, deactivating and reactivating site…

Hero image disappeared

By Scott Fulton, 10 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 days ago
Hello, I replaced the the hero image file using “replace imave”, now the hero image row has completely disappeared. I have cleared caching tried recreating the hero image with no luck. Tried different browsers etc. Any ideas? The site is here: the hero image should be showing under the menu. The path to the…

Unable to save content.

By Fotolaa kundan kumar, 10 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 5 days ago
Hi Team, we are using site origin page builder, we have found an issue “There is a newer version of this widget’s content available”. We have tried it in multiple browsers and by deleting browser cache. Unable to see updated content on front end. Please help us.

Fatal error Widgets Bundle

By sabitkamera, 12 days ago. Last reply by Alex S, 6 days ago
Hello, firstly thank you for this great plugin. It is really helpful. We’re facing with wordpress white dead screen issue. When i checked error log i saw those lines. I think SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle causes this problem. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you again.