space below ngg slideshow

By lesdelicesdadriana, 7 years ago
Hi all, I’m using Page Builder for my articles. And if I add a NGG galery slideshow, it creates a big space below the slideshow only on small device. On my desktop, the text appears right below the galery, but on a smartphone (or if you decrease the size of the windows), it makes a…

shortcode for button ?

By Francois v, 7 years ago
I’m wondering if there is a way to create a shortcode for the site origin button… I need to insert buttons in places where I cannot use the widget (inside a div) so I need shortcode… Is there anyway to do that ?? thank you F

Post Grid content field manual editing

hai, i am developing my site using siteorigin pagebuilder . In a single page i would like to display the preview of a number of pages as a list , so the users can select the one from that list. I have tried a number of page widget grid plugin.The preview works fine but i…

Bug Plugin SIte Orign

By ghostcie, 7 years ago
Hi, Since the last utpdate of WordPress all my site had loose it content. when I use an old backup , the plugin still does not operate normally and the contents are still missing. What can I do? Thank you to you in advance

alignment’s problems with ubermenu in safari

By spifferaio, 7 years ago
Hi, I use vantage premium and ubermenu. I noticed a difference just in safari in the alignment of menu, the layout is set on logo in masthead. I used the css code I found on this forum: /* UberMenu */ .ubermenu { margin: 30px 50px 0px 0px; } and it works great on every browser…

Several customizing issues

By Javier Aristín, 7 years ago
Hi I’ve got several questions. I’ll write on here in order to speed up response. I hope I do it in the right way. My blog is japon-secreto.com -Custom post layout: Can I show every post with a custom layout (the same custom layour for ALL of them)? for example: the post and some other…

circle icon

By Louise Mason, 7 years ago
Hi I love using circle icons on my site. I am using css to hide the more button .circle-icon-box .more-button { display: none;} but on some areas of the site I do want to display the more button I attempted to create a custom class but this doesn’t work – i’m not sure I have…

Vantage Premium Theme

By Seamus Fleming, 7 years ago
I already have the Vantage Premium Theme on my website – www.fkancestry.com I assista nd help maintain another website – a voluntary-charitable-educational site – https://traleecoderdojo.org has the ‘terrifico’ theme which i dislik somewhat. There appears to be additional code added to this website also. I am not that teckie savvy – if i wish to…

Site Title – Not Showing

By Mike Varela, 7 years ago
Hi, I’ve got an issue that should likely be easy to solve but it’s killing me. I can change the value for font-size (which is reported at 0px) to X-Large in Chrom Dev Tools and it works but can’t seem where to augment the css and what to put to leave it showing like i…

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