Enable Homepage Slider Autoplay

By Cheshiremouse, 2 months ago. Last reply by Cheshiremouse, 2 months ago
Hi, I haven’t been able to figure out how to enable auto-play for the homepage slider. It looks great, but I have to manually click next the first time for it to start cycling through images/video. Does anyone know the solution for this? I’m pretty new, so very interested in learning how it’s done. Thanks!!

Post Summery

By Evan Bruce, 10 months ago. Last reply by Alex S, 10 months ago
Is there a way to have it only show the summary of the post with a small preview image on the left. instead of the full text with a full-width picture. I changed the settings in the WordPress setting to summery but it did not change the theme.

Installing theme Influence; same same?

By Kicki Maria, 10 months ago. Last reply by Kicki Maria, 10 months ago
Hello, I am thinking of installing your theme Influence for my website. On my site images are important. So I was looking at your demo, and it’s great with this big images; girl with a computor, the cup etc, but when I installed the theme, something else is coming up and I worry about the…

Changing menu text in Influence theme

By Abdulrazaq Al Rubaian, 1 year ago
First of all, thank you for Influence theme it is really awesome! I have a site with multi-language and I am wondering if I can change the menu text based in the site language.. I am thinking about strings but I do not know how to apply it Aside, I am using this plugin for…

Influence theme Customization

By liz012345, 1 year ago
Hello, We like your influence theme demo but we will like to make two changes to it: 1. We want a “normal” menu layout in the header so that the whole menu can immediately be seen on the page. 2. How can we move the side bar to the left? Or do you have a…

Home page not showing summary.

By Joann Kuo, 1 year ago. Last reply by Alex S, 1 year ago
My home page shows full text instead of Summary. I expected this out of the box, but it didn’t appear to work so I went to Settings > Reading and checked the show summary box and it still doesn’t work. Help! I am using the Influence theme. You can see my site here http://theexperienceisthething.com/