Need to add sliced photo in masthead

By Trinity9332, 7 years ago
How can I use the HTML provided by photoshop to add my sliced image as my masthead background? I have uploaded the images correctly but when I enter the code into the php file it comes out distorted and removes my logo.

Vantage theme search return font color

By Henrik Boyander, 7 years ago
Hi, Right now I am testing the free version of the Vantage theme. When doing a site search, the search return showns the results with the headline in black font (good) but the excerpts in white font (bad) and the background color is white, so cannot read it. How can I change the excerpts font…

And text on the Metaslider

By Vytenis Misevicius, 7 years ago
Hello. Is it possible to add text (two lines) on a metaslider? If not, then how could i replace the metaslider with another which has this option? When i install another slider plugin, it seems i can not point that the page should use that slider..

Need to remove space between rows

By Leigh Ross, 7 years ago
Hi, I am trying to remove some of the space between the rows here: http://leighross.online/wp/about/ I want just a small amount of space between these rows but can’t seem to find a way to do it. I have followed some suggestions on another post adding some custom css code and also under the page attributes…

Icon Not Showing

I have one icon that disappeared. The page that it’s on hasn’t been touched since it’s been created. All of the backend is showing correctly. See below: This is on our homepage, and it needs to be resolved immediately. You can see the issue here under the “How Can We Help You” section: http://www.promomatting.com Please…

Create responsive background images that auto-center

By packhippo, 7 years ago
Hello, I am just learning WP but have been enjoying the Site Origin plugins immensely. My site is: giantinflatablepolarbear.com, I’m using the MyStile theme, and I’ve got a visual editor row with a background image that covers the full-width screen. However, when I view it in portrait tablet mode, the image itself does not resize…

Menu Spacing with Make Theme on WordPress

By Claire, 7 years ago
I know this question has been asked a lot, but none of the answers have worked on my site unfortunately. I’m trying to make the space between my menu items smaller so that I can enlarge the font slightly as it is really small. If I make the font bigger as it is, my contact…

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