Post Carousel autoloop

By Cyberdemon87, 7 years ago
Hello! I’ve been using the bundle pack and it’s really great. I was just wondering if there is a way or any future plans to add an autoplay loop feature for the Posts Carousel and also back at the first post when someone clicks the next arrow all the way to the end (pretty much…

HTML to Visual tags problem

By Joe Artis, 7 years ago
hi there, By Profession I am a graphic artist but now want to learn more about Web Development. I am using wordpress and using Siteorigin as Page builder. I am completely lost as i am facing a problem when I use these tags in HTML edit and whenever I switch to Visual Editor it gets…

Toolset Integration

By Alan Smiles, 7 years ago
I posted something on the Toolset FB page last week. They took notice :-) so PLEASE DEV’s if you have soem time then read this post from Types as it mentions you guys in it: https://wp-types.com/2016/09/toolset-page-builders-now-coming-soon/

Animated Images vanished from widgets

By dotlizard, 7 years ago
I’m not sure when this started, has to be within the last couple of days (I don’t look at the site every single day) but all of our animated images (widgets) disappeared from the sidebar. Doesn’t say missing widget, they’re just gone. Since they’ve just vanished, I’m not even sure if they were PageBuilder widgets,…

Plugin Compatibility

I love your Plugin, good Job :) I’m having a problem that is a bug with a different Plugin not yours. The reason why I come here for help is because the other Plugin is no longer supported and I can’t get in touch with the maker of it. Here is the link to the…

Single quote not replaced

When page builder is disabled, wordpress replaces all single quote characters by . When page builder in enabled, the replacement no longer occurs. This causes problem with some plugins (e.g. CM Tooltip Glossary) which assume that the replacement is done.

Page with right sidebar

By Barry Smith, 7 years ago
Hi, How do you overcome the scenario of having a page with a right sidebar and then you want to have a Full Width Row which has an images spanning the width of the page? When I do this there is overlapping.

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